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Pedestrian Target Practice

Victoria is full of idiots in pickups and SUVs. After three incidents in two days, I wrote this to the mayors of Victoria, Esquimalt and Saanich. That was a waste of time. Mayors are kind of like washed up TV clowns: good for opening supermarkets and MCing New Years Eve bashes. One responded and yadda-yadda-ed about all that they're doing, the told me not to kick cars. Thanks, McCheese: cut the ribbon.

To the respective mayors of Victoria, Esquimalt, and Saanich, Between yesterday afternoon and lunch time today, I have had three close calls with motorists. Three times where I and three year old daughter were nearly hit by vehicles. If can happen so frequently to one person, something is wrong.

Yesterday afternoon at Town & Country (approx 4 PM), my daughter and I were using a crosswalk near Walmart between the shops and the general parking area. A man in a late model white Buick nearly hit us. Startled and angered, I kicked the car. The man stopped, got out
of the car and verba…