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Outdoor Adventures: Killing Off Healthy Dogs

Following the BC 2010 Winter Olympics, management at Outdoor Adventures: Whistler ordered an employee to kill 100 healthy sled dogs and throw them into a pit, some still alive. Seventy of the dogs were shot and the remainder were stabbed. The employee has won a WorkSafe BC case for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The worker described a horrible scene "heads blown off", "half crawling" and "They most certainly did not die instantly, at least some of them."

The SPCA says this is horrifying, calling the incident "a massacre."

The dogs were apparently put down last April because Outdoor Adventures Whistler didn't get the boost in business expected after the 2010 Olympics.

Marcie Moriarty with the SPCA told News1130 that an investigation is being launched.

More information on Outdoor Adventures Whistler:

Outdoor Adventures Whistler
Unit No. 218 - 4293 Mountain Square
Whistler, BC

T: 604-905-8108/ 604-849-0076
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Mike DeWolfe: Obituary

A good friend suggested that we write our own obituary. We laughed, but it's a good exercise. You know eventually your time will end, so how will your obituary look if you totally get your way. Not the most likely outcome for your life, but the best possible outcome for your life and where you want to end up.

I'm a jack-ass. So here's are two versions of my obituary. A "funny" one and a "serious" one:

The jack-ass one:
Mike DeWolfe was one of the victims of President Palin's Tea Party Aboard "Brains Matter" program wherein they euthanized any foreigner with an IQ of 105+. Memorial services will be held at the Monsanto Monster Truck Expo and Gun Show.

The serious one:
Mike DeWolfe dabbled in many things: sculpture, new media, writing, entrepreneurship, socio-cultural reform; and was a sometimes gadfly. After finding success with his website,, he left web development and moved into a mix of humor, art and business ventures. He summ…

The Post 1/8 World Will Be Whole New Version of Crazy

Questions are coming up about the last couple years for Jared Loughner. His fellow students sat near exits "just in case he brought a sub-machine gun." The college dismissed him and informed his parents that he could only return after a psychological assessment. Police knew about him. The warning signs were plain as day. Still: he could buy a gun and ammo. He was completely unwatched until it was too late.
Police are now serving as frontline social workers and de facto psychologists. And, why not? Psychology is as much about social mores as it is about mental health. And crimes are relative the society they apply to. Crime, social norms and behavior are all relative. When you take things to their cold abstractions, many psychological disorders get applauded when the time is right:
When someone is praying and demonstrating their faith, are they asking for wish fulfillment from an imaginary super being?When Loughner leapt out, mowed down a politician, a little girl, a judge and …