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Why Buy an iPad? Just get one for FREE!

Gary Coleman is dead

It looks like Conrad Bain has finished his vendetta against the kids from the beloved NBC series of the 1980s. After years and years of planning, he has finally knocked off the third kid from Diffr'ent Strokes. In a drunken tyrade in 1984, Bain declared that he would "Send all of those bastard kids STRAIGHT TO HELL!"
This from TMZ:
"Gary Coleman has died as the result of injuries he suffered earlier this week, the hospital tells TMZ.

We've learned Gary's wife, Shannon, made the decision to pull life support early this AM. Sources could not confirm if it was actually Conrad Bain who literally "plugged the plug."...Charlotte Rae has not been questioned by police at this time, though some people say her involvement has not been ruled out.

Please don't kill me just because I'm a pedestrian

Are you tired of dodging cars and bicycles? No More!
Here's my call to the police via their contact form ( and I would invite you all to draft similar for the intersections and crosswalks of your concern:

We have been seeing a lot motorists completely ignore the laws regarding the pedestrian crosswalks on [problem street]. Of note is the crossing [your favourite hard to use crosswalk], especially in the [time of day]. Would it be possible for there to be a spot check of motorists by our police force; and the potential to cite motorists who do not adhere to the relevant laws? I think it would go a long way to deter motorists' practices.

Thank you,

[your name]

Get "The Man" to harsh their buzz (and collect fines).

I'm Coming Out

Of Hiding. I'm coming out of hiding.
Up until seven years ago, I did a lot of networking-- into the business community and into the technical community. Then I went to work for one place that was so secretive that I had two sign TWO non-disclosure agreements. Worse than that, I had to beg to attend anything during work-- even meetings and get-togethers that would have directly benefited the company. The next place I worked in was in a state of perpetual panic. I tried to walk my daughter to school before work (a good remedy to my expanding waistline): no dice-- frequent panics and crashes (usually spawned by the people who were panicking). We eventually got a sliver of room to attend Drupal meet-ups. The good news was out reach to the Drupal people in town, compare notes and learn. In information technology, if you're not gaining information and updating your skills, you're dead in the water. Unfortunately, it was held at a diploma mill that sits on the dark part of an ethi…

Egg Rolls

Elections: When Morons Make Big Decisions

I have worked as a polling officer. My favourite moment:
A family trucked in their elderly relative to vote for a candidate. She spoke no English, she seemed largely unaware of her surroundings. But, she had valid ID and was in the registry. They muttered to her. Non-handicapped people cannot be accompanied by others to the actual poll booth, so she went by herself.
I waited. The poll booth shield jumped forward a tiny amount. Meh. She returned, muttered to her family, then folded up the ballot and popped it into the box. Done? No.
She muttered some more to her family. They went to the poll booth and came back and to alert me to something. She marked her X-- she had marked it on the example printed on the wall of the poll booth. Then, she submitted the blank ballot.
With ballot already cast, there wasn't anything I could do. Darwin had voted.

My Muse Is a Lazy Magical Bitch

muse: (as used by Tim Ferriss in his book) is nothing more than a business that can generate income without consuming time. It’s at least a partially-automated business. I think of it as more like a side business to whatever else it is you do during the day (be it work or relaxation). In other words, working in a manufacturing plant is probably not a muse. However, starting a website that sells t-shirts for dogs could be considered a muse. For my purposes, most muse ideas will be internet-based, because this is where you can run with an idea at the lowest cost and probably have the highest chance for success (without risking your life savings).

I've starting working through what may be the ultimate solution or ultimate mirage: the 4-hour work week. The book is a combination of time management, demeanor tuning and business management.
Time Management: It talks about ignoring "emergencies"-- On the Internet, where nothing is real, no emergency is real. The author talks …

Half A Post Down-- More Later

I've been mulling big ideas for the last few weeks. We did do a road trip to San Francisco. That was 20 hour-plus drive. Plenty of room for talking, social juxtaposition and audio books.
Free - The Chris Anderson book about the concept of giving and getting at zero cost up-front. It was a powerful and interesting book. He draws on examples of the phenomenon of Free in our day-to-day world. He even peers into the future via SF to talk about how sci-fi deals with a post-scarcity and that SF makes scarcity into a source of conflict to drive stories. Really: the post-scarcity will change our way of thinking. There will be an all-you-can-eat buffet at the End of the Universe, but you will have to learn how to pull back from the table. The challenge of free will not be abolishing scarcity, but abolishing gluttony.
Super Freakonomics - Friends hacked Freakonomics. I think their math holds water and makes for some fascinating concepts. The SuperFreakonomics book covered how the Mt. Pinatubo…