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Trapped Between Worlds

I'm at the Drupalcon in San Francisco. It's a crush of 3000 people who use Drupal-- programmers, project managers, web monkeys, and academics. It's an amazing crowd to behold. There is a homogeny to them-- they all look like they could fit in Silicon Valley-- some have the dumpy student look, some have the hipster thing going on and a few are clad in sports jackets-- I think I counted one tie in 3000 and that was one the guy dressed in a Drupal zoot suit.
I don't know where I fit in. When we get into server administration, I go dumb-- I really can't brain that at all. When we get into programming and theming, I go to sleep because it's all well known territory. There's no way to identify newbie from pro and with 3000 people, I can't possibly hope to figure out who's who. At every session I make a point of quizzing the people near me on what they do. Much of it is very interesting: university folk; a coder from the Audobon Society; entrepreneurs; peo…

Cooking + Writing = Cookbook

I have cooked since enchiladas when I was 10. About 25 years ago, I found that people really enjoyed my breakfast and brunches. People are amazed that I don't snap and run for it in the face of 20 hungry guests. I like the challenge and I've made it an easy affair. allows people to self publish anything from angsty memoirs to cookbooks. I put together some of my favourite recipes and sage advice (sage optional) and published a book entitled "How to Impress The World Before 11AM." I do hope you check out my book and give me feedback.

Weekend At Bernie's : European Vacation

A friend of mine knows the writer for the first Weekend at Bernie's. While that movie is a non-event for me, it's the life's passion for the writer-- it's his dead white whale. He needs to start writing again, because the European edition is out:

Two women have been arrested at an airport in Liverpool for attempting to smuggle a dead 91-year-old man onto a plane. They tried to get the corpse onto a flight bound for Germany, by dressing him in sunglasses and sending him through check-in on a wheelchair.

Staff became suspicious and prevented the trio from boarding the plane. (Cracker jack security staff who eventually picked up that the person was dead).

According to Reuters, the women were arrested on suspicion of failing to give notification of a death and were released on bail.

The man traveled about 35 miles to the airport by taxi from Oldham, Greater Manchester, police added. No word as to whether the dead was driving.


Buried Movies

I am always surprised how so many movies and expensive productions can be buried. It's a like hiding an office building that is 80% done. There are countless numbers of movies that have never made it to the light of day.
Citizen Kane - The granddaddy of all of the buried movies was Citizen Kane. By holding billionaire William Randolph Hearst in ridicule, Orson Welles drew fire on his first movie. Hearst papers ignored Citizen Kane and buried it. While it did win some praise at the Academy Awards, it disappeared until the 1950s when film aficionados uncovered the film and it was soon considered the best film ever made.
The Day the Clown Cried - The Holocaust is a touchy subject. For the sake of winning an Oscar, Jerry Lewis decided to make it the subject of his 1972 comedy about a clown at Auschwitz. It made it all the way to the point of screeners before being circulated. The movie was summarily buried. It was said that the prints and negatives were destroyed but rumors abound that…