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Hotels to Locals: PLEASE DRIVE DRUNK

Tourist friendly Victoria BC (aka the Blackpool of Canada), isn't friendly to local residents. Best Western hotels, the Strathcona Hotel and Swan's "Hotel" are either turning away local residents from their hotels. In some cases, they are 'vetting' locals who want to stay in their hotels. This came to light when a local couple booked a hotel room for New Years Eve. The hotel, upon learning they were locals, cancelled their booking. So, rather than stay in town and go to sleep in a local hotel after a few drinks, they would rather not have their types. The irony is that a number of these hotels sport bars at street level.
The message from these hotels is clear: given the option between driving drunk or sleeping it off at a hotel, the hotelliers want you to hit the road.

Quick Thought on Christmas

Number of times "Christmas" is mentioned in the script for "It's A Wonderful Life" : 36
Number of times "Christmas" is mentioned in the Holy Bible : 0

Quick thought

Off (aka 1/2 off)

is NOT BOGO. It's BOGO HO, or BOGO for Ho's

Ho ho ho, everyone. Merry Christmas.

Cartoon Writing : an online How-to

As a kid, I wanted to draw and write comic books. Well, I suck at drawing. I also kind of suck at writing comic books. In later years, I wanted to write movie scripts; but that's still a work in progress. As a side effect of being a Dad, I know watch about 20hrs. of cartoons a week. Could I fuse by wish to write for the drawn world and the motion world into a wish to write for the motion world into a writing for cartoons?
These blog posts would give me some help in that department:
Step 1: Writing For Cartoons
Step 2: Be A Cartoonist
Step 3: POV
Step 4: Origin of the "Cecils"
Step 5: Humor and Structure
Bonus #1: Scene planning for TV
Bonus #2: Scene planning for TV : 30's
Step 6: Spelling and Grammar
Step 7: Continuity
Step 8: Writing Gruntspeak

Quatchie: Made In China

Why is this girl frowning? This cute, cuddly marketing monster isn't made in Canada; or Indonesia. It's made in China. The Olympic committee in their infinite wisdom decided to get their mascots produced in China-- the land of lead-- rather than go somewhere less dubious for the manufacturing.

Originally uploaded by triviaqueen Why would they do this? Could it be that they were budget conscious? You know, make them cheap, sell them cheap so that kids the world over can, uh, cuddle their Quatchies.... Nope: these stuffies sell for $30 each-- something like two to three times the price of the stuffed animals of a similar size. So, the price is high; the manufacturing is done in the same country that gave us toys laced with rophypnol. Where is the price difference going? Right into the pockets of the IOC and its local cronies. Your kids' toys are made in China but this plan was hatched at VanOC.