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Alternative Endings

Are we living in an alternative universe? Up is down; red is green; Bush is president. I think we are in the wrong universe. If you want to read my arguments: Click here.

If you're happy and you know it... you're Danish

Who's happy? Denmark. That's according to a University of Leicester UK survey of 80,000 people around the world. The results are not very surprising: a country in Scandanavia is at the top; Canada is in the top 10; the US is lower on the list, but not in the toilet; most of Africa and former USSR is at the bottom. Denmark takes top spot. One reason cited: 5-6 weeks of vacation per year. Yeah, I could adjust to an additional three weeks of vacation per year...

Country SWL Ranking (1) SWL Index (2) Life Expectancy (3) GDP per capita (4) Access to education score (5) Albania 157 153.33 73.8 4.9 75.8 Algeria 134 173.33 71.1 7.2 66.9 Angola 149 160 40.8 3.2 . Antigua And Barbuda 16 246.67