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Pre-Colombian Journeys to North America

I am watching a show based on the Gavin Menzies' book: 1421. I thought: who got here before 1492? There is a lot of controversy that Colombus, wasn't the first, but just how much a Christopher-come-lately was he? Let Wikipedia detail the accounts of pre-Columbian arrivals:
For convenience's sake, events will be preceded with the following key:H (Historical - currently accepted as fact)A (Ahistorical - insufficient evidence; postulation)M (Mythological - derived from cultural legend or religion)At times categories A and M overlap as often the destination is never fully described beyond 'a large landmass' (and never described with enough detail to conclusively prove it is in fact the Americas). Furthermore, events are often exaggerated in the retelling, thus lending a legendary quality to an ahistorical account.To about 47,000 BC (A, H) - Some archaeologists have presented evidence suggesting pre-Clovis culture peoples arrived in America as long ago as 50,000 years. S…

I'm your lady

This from Craigslist:
Chuck Palahniuk Reading Reply to:
Date: 2007-05-27, 11:07AM PDT

I have a spare ticket to the sold-out Chuck Palahniuk reading on Monday May 28.

You can have the ticket for free, but only if you're a really hot chick. I'm not going to try to get you in the sack or anything; I just like hot chicks and I like being seen in their company... it makes me feel like a big man.

If you're a guy, or a chick who ain't hot, you can't have the ticket. I'll just throw it away. I'm like that. And it's good.

So... the ticket is yours for the taking just for being a hot chick.

And if you wear a vintage cocktail dress I'll take you to dinner, too. We don't have to converse.

This was the email I sent in reply:

May 27, 2007 12:26 PM

I'm your lady

I will promise to wear the slinkiest cocktail dress you have ever seen. Let me know where we will meet up to excha…

Sims: The Movie

Electronic Arts Inc. has sold the movie rights for "The Sims," the best-selling computer game, of all time to 20th Century Fox, Variety said on Friday."The Sims" is one of EA's biggest franchises and, including sequels and expansions such as "The Sims: House Party" and "The Sims: Vacation," has sold nearly 85 million copies since it debuted seven years ago.It's official. They are 100% tapped out. Projects I'm waiting for in 2008:

Index: the movie after the book but before the cover
Trailers: 40 previews of itself in a recurscive death spiral
Big Mirror: The silver screen will be replaced with a very large mirror, slightly tilted so that the audience can see itself until they leave.
Projectionists' Day Off: the bulb is fired up but no film is run through. If I were you, I'd wait for the sequel-- it has big guys who sit in the back and make shadow puppets. Damn: sorry, I just spoiled it.
Transformers: more than meets the eye. God th…

Sir! Imperial Walkers Have Entered the Base. Imperial Walkers-- sqawk!

So here's the deal: your at your office. It's Friday afternoon-- maybe you're new to your job and you're going to push your limits.

Go to : Print about 20 copies of each page Get out the scissors and the uhu stick Stage a terrific battle.Go home for the weekend. Maybe they'll take you back on Monday.

I wish to complete my Cthulhu Sculpture

Supplies for my Cthulhu Sculpture

Voting starts in 0 minutes

One small step to clean up the streets of Victoria

This from CFAX News:
Victoria police have taken a big bite out of the local drug trade after searching a torrington place home last night.
A 39 year old saanich man is in police custody after a month long joint investigation between victoria and central saanich police turned up one kilogram each of crystal meth and cocaine, as well as $15,000 in cash. Alexander Djafar-Zade was arrested last night, he was on bail for two other drug trafficking charges from this past december and february. Hamilton says police are requesting he be held in custody.
Police say if sold on the street, the crystal meth is worth of $50-80,000 while the cocaine is worth between $60-80,000.
Police call Djafar-Zade a mid to high level drug trafficker who lives with his mother in Gordon Head at 4370 Torrington Place.
Djafar-Zade has been charged with two counts of possession for the purpose of trafficking and one count of breach.Good riddance to the garbage that make garbage on the street.

Cthulhu Water Fountain

This sculpture project has a special feature:

It also acts as a water fountain!

Stay tuned for a construction update.