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Great Oscar Opening Montages

An Orgy of Vomit is Coming.

I reproduced this list from IO9. Look at the onslaught of crappy movies coming. Why are they remaking so much? Have we learned nothing from The Day The Earth Stood Still? I like the suggestions of the alternatives (below).

Here is a list of media I would love to see made:
Re-do Star Wars: This was an amazing movie. Star Wars was unworkable dreck that was repaired in the editing room. Empire Strikes Back was great because Lucas screwed up his financing and had to listen to studio execs to get the completion funds. By the time he got to Return of the Jedi, he had full control and things rattled downhill from that point on. When Lucas' head sit in the cyro tank next the Disney's, someone could come along and stitch something good out of this patchwork of nifty ideas. Of all the movie franchises that need a reboot, this one screams for it.
The Foundation Series: Make it a mini-series. Don't change any of Asimov's plastic fantastic atomic science.
Canticle for Leibowitz: A TV m…

The Long Tail is Strangling Me!

About a month ago, I wanted some chocolate ice cream-- not chunky chocolate nor dark chocolate chunk nor mocha frozen dessert. When we were kids, someone's Mom would say "do you want ice cream!" Then, they'd say "chocolate or vanilla?"-- milky goodness; or a liquid chocolate bar. It was great. I really do not need chocolate ice cream, so I let the wish linger for a month. Tonight I walked down to the supermarket-- one with LOTS of variety. There was every weird flavour of ice cream-- chunks of stuff and weird fruity flavours and lots of chocolate etc.. The closest I got to my childhood fave: dark chocolate frozen dessert (I am fearful when they are afraid to call it 'ice cream') and chocolate ice milk... Dejected, I opted for the chocolate ice milk and walked home.
This is where we're at today: petulence and the need to assert ourselves through branding has left us with a fragmented set of choices. Chris Anderson coined this phenomeon as "t…