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I dare you

I think Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears and Paris Hilton are trying to outdo one another. They keep upping the ante, doing something that the other one will not. Who's winning this one-up-man's-ship?

DareBritney Spears Lindsay LohanParis HiltonHomemade Porn ? ? Pantiless Partying Herpes Medication ? ? Quickie Hush-Hush Abortion ? ? ? Vogue Parenting Rehab ? Marrying a wigger Sobriety Coach ?
Public Display of Racism ?

Connect The Dots: Internet Style

So, I've signed up for Squidoo-- the latest in a spate of Web 2.0 children of Geocities-type-sites.

What did I have to rattle on about:

Mike DeWolfe - My hub of information.
Video Help - Since getting Adobe Premiere Elements, I've been having great fun building videos and posting them on Youtube. I thought I could share some of the stuff I've picked up, like chroma keys, cuts and dissolves and timing.
Cramped Chef - I cook and I like the rattle on about how I make what I make.

Fire On Babylon Five

I decided to re-do a video I did for the Sinnead O'Connor song, Fire on Babylon to the images from Babylon 5. Did you know that later this year, there will be new Babylon 5 available? Babylon 5: The Lost Tales.

Cue "Baby Elephant Walk..."

Mark Coreth came back from Africa and built a lifesize African bull elephant.
From an armature, he built up chicken wire mesh, then a used polystyrene (e.g. Great Stuff foam) to build up its bulk, then coated it in plaster.
He now intends on selling it and has received bids in excess of $500k (Cdn.). This is dangerous for me, because I would do a sculpture like this, waterproof it and thread a garden hose up through the trunk, plug in another hose to the end that extends out the footer and-- voila!-- you have a lawn ornament that can spray into the air on command. Man... I'm only I could spend all my time sculpting... This has inspired me to pull out all of my bits of stuff (wood, chicken wire, etc.) and maybe turn into a single piece of work to accrete my clutter and have something to show for it.

24 + Aquateen Hunger Force

Sorry, Bubblés

There was this huge controversy started by Michael Bublé, a "singer" who hailed once from Victoria BC. He was nominated for a Grammy up against others like Tony Bennett. Buble was insulted that the award category would be announced before the TV broadcast of the show. He was ready to boycott it. I know how he feels: when Brad Pitt and I were in the running for sexiest man alive, I was angered that they wouldn't publish my picture and People magazine forced me to write my name into the margins of each of the copies of their magazine. The nerve.
Bubbles-- err-- Buble should have been thrilled to be nominated. He also should have taken a cue from his fellow nominees and showed a little grace.

And the winner is...

Field 3 — Traditional Pop Category 14 Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album
(For albums containing 51% or more playing time of VOCAL tracks.) Duets: An American Classic
Tony Bennett
[RPM Records/Columbia]

Caught In The Act
Michael Bublé


Bad drivers

In Victoria, all of this bad driving is called "Oak Bay style"

We don't want *you* to end breast cancer.

I'm tired of the giant marketing engine behind breast cancer. Every ad break on TV has a breast cancer ad. There are christmas ornaments. Most foods sport a pink ribbon. When Trojan comes out with their pink ribbon condoms, I will have to buy a box. Breast Cancer is a growth industry: they have no shortage of job openings. While most charities are going hat in hand to keep their doors open, the Breast Cancer-Charity complex is expanding in all directions. Do they want to end breast cancer? How much of the your donation is getting into research and treatment? Good question. Their FAQ largely covers payment concerns and questions about the bi-daily walks to end cancer. Are they so awash in money that they can fund research and their hydra-like fund raising efforts? Putting those little pink ribbons on your ravioli and pet food and novelty playing cards costs money: the company has to kick back money to the Breast Cancer-Charity complex and that where they get to cash in big-time.


We are family

What if we set course for the Island of Doctor Moreau? Artist Patricia Piccinini depicts that destination with a dog/human hybrid in her piece, "We Are Family." These and other figures were made with silicone, fibreglass, leather and studs. She has a spate of shows that run the range from industrial design to post human creatures. Wild stuff.

Blame Dad

We've opened a new Cafepress shop to schill our creative ventures. First up! Trucker hats and bumper stickers: one for 1-800-Blame-Mom and one for 1-800-Blame-Dad. C'mon! You know you want one!

Stay tuned for more wackiness from those Crazy DeWolfes!

By the way, if you want to see what really bad drivers behave like: Check here

Victoria: You step in it and then scrape it off of your shoe.

I pulled the following off of the Vibrant Victoria forum. This comes as the third act of life in Victoria. Act One: crippling high cost-of-living and housing prices-- the 13th highest in the world. Gordon Campbell's goons in the Liberal government has done a crypto anti-downloading by handling out huge assessment spikes so that municipal governments can tax homeowners that much more rather than go hat-in-hand to the provincial government. What do we get for the third act of life in Victoria? Shit. Literally.
Thank you liberal government policies, thank you. We have now entered the days of law-abiding citizens being second in line to notorious law-breaking citizens. For the latter are sick and should be cared for not punished by the man for their repetitive wrongdoings.

It’s time to take back our streets
Pack of hardcore drug users making Cormorant Street neighbourhood unlivable
This is a copy of a letter distributed by lawyer Stewart Johnston, who has a law offi…

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Destroys Boston

I have been watching two levels of auto-pilot, two smart guys and one dumb guerilla marketing expert.
Yesterday, Boston ground to a halt. Alert teams sprung into action. They destroyed flashing devices that were installed under bridges and in plain view. A menacing LED icon on a box.
Wouldbe terrorists, Peter Berdovsky and Sean Stevens were arrested and released today on $2500 bail. Their lawyers advised them not to talk about the affair. Of course a hungry media wouldn't have any of that. The perched a podium bristling with microphones on the steps of the court house. The sober pair of Berdovsky and Stevens stepped up and attacked their assailants-- the media. Their lawyer told them not to talk about the case. So, they began gibbering about hair styles. Media-- so hungry to get a scoop-- listened on and broadcast a live ramble about Afros vs. Mohawks.
Media loves the War on Terror. It's a feeding frenzy without end. Terorists could strike right now with new weapons and without …