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Cthulhu: The Ultimate Lawn Ornament

What's big green and available for your lawn? My Cthulhu Sculpture! I am trying to sell my sculpture of Cthulhu. It's a man-sized fiberglass sculpture of one of Lovecraft's Elder Gods. It sits on a wooden base and is ideal for a spooky or horror theme garden. This creature is a sure fire piece of traffic calming as people slow down to check it out.
There are many ingredients in this sculpture. It's foundational architecture was a barbeque stand (reduce, re-use, recycle). The limbs were built with metal and wood. On top, layers of foam and mesh were used to build the shape. Plaster and auto-body filler built up the final. On top of that, many layers of resin and fiberglass were used to give it its hard exterior. I painted and completed the surface.
It comes with a water feature: tapped into a hose, water pours from the boat that Cthulhu has lifted into the air.
Approximate weight is 160 lbs. It is very much made to withstand the elements. The price is $850 a…