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Top Ten Threats Uttered By the Green Party

There was a claim from a would-be contender in the Saanich-Gulf Islands riding race, that the Green party was threatening this contender in an effort to dissuade her from continuing. Yep: the threatening Green Party. Isn't that an oxymoron? Here are the top ten things I would imagine to sour their opponent's chances:

They blamed the 1970s on the Liberal party of Canada.
All of the Green Party supporters crowded into Beacon Ave and Pat Bay Highway intersection and blocked part of one of the bike lanes.
They claimed that if you don't vote Green, Elizabeth May will come to your house and whine about the televised debates. If she doesn't win, she'll have LOTS of free time.
They've been handing out Michael Ignatieff's pamphlets to scare voters away from voting Liberal.
The Green Party egged the doors of all 60 Liberal voters in Sidney.
Affixing Liberal bumper stickers to pickups so that jerk-wad driving is associated with jerk-wad politicians.

Their statements and veil…

Toss Almost Half of the Bums Out

With the Federal election looming, I count myself amongst the ranks of the undecided. I don't like the Conservatives but I hate Ignatieff. I like Layton, but the NDP will never form the government, especially after Ontario and BC voters remember the disaster of provincial NDP governments. The Greens could make in-roads, but Elizabeth May is dedicated to whining and not winning. I have promised to vote for the biggest whack-job to encourage him/her. Unfortunately, our riding has only four candidates-- no independent voices, no lone gunman disarmed by the Long Gun Registry forced to participate. I have to not vote, spoil my ballot or vote for one of four people who I don't want to vote for.
A lot of people feel the same way. We're tired of the bickering. We're tired of the opportunists in Ottawa who are spending our money. We're tired of them taking credit for our hard work. Elections are not a meritocracy-- they're popularity contests. The most worthy people are…