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Hanging it Out There

The US Presidential race is two years away. That's lots of time for a change in the politicial landscape. So, let me hang out my political guess, so that someone can come back and laugh at me and how wrong I was.

Presidential - Howard Dean
Vice-Presidential - Barak Obama

Presidential - Rudy Gulliani
Vice-Presidential - John McCain

Gulliani will win by trucking out the 9/11 corpses. Dean will win if Congress and the Senate and go into overdrive to show off all of the skeletons in the Republican closets (e.g. Uncle Bandar and Saudi's ties to the bin Ladens). My odds are on a Gulliani/McCain bid.
When the Republicans engineered the Iranian hostage crisis in the late 1970s, they got away with it because the body count was low. When the Republicans pushed the spotlight off of Saudi Arabia, the resulting body count was huge (3,000 dead Americans civilians; and more than half a million dead Iraqis and Afghan citizens).

Alec Baldwin -- The Loveable A-Hole

I get the feeling that Alec Baldwin is an A-hole. But, wow do I enjoy his performances. Here are two examples of his spectrum.


(psst. Check this out, too. I said, PUT THE COFFEE DOWN. And check this out.)


If you need a regular dose of the least sleazy Baldwin (that's like an Albert Spear award), you can always catch him on 30-Rock

We're Back Through The Looking Glass, People

A few months ago, I was convinced I was stuck in an alternative universe. The events of the last 24 hours have thinking that the switch was thrown and we're back in our intended universe. I had all of this evidence that we were in a dystopia. Let's review my waypoints and how they've changed:
Donald Rumsfeld (Rumsfield? Nahapa-- not gonna work here anymore): The Secretary of Defense is out on his ass.
The Democrats control the House of Congress: A woman, Nancy Pelosi, is going to the be Speaker.
The Democrats control the Senate: 51/49-- while it would havee been funny to see Cheney have to lumber is spotty ass down to the Senate all of the time to fill out his role as President of the Senate, it looks like he can stay home and shoot relatives.
Britney Spears dumped KFed via a SMS Text message. The best part: MuchMusic was covering the Rap supastar and got footage of the precise moment when he read the e-dump. Great!
I turned on the noon news. The Victoria Police are stopping bi…

Open Letter to the Traffic Crippling Task Force

Dear Messrs Dhillon and Coté,

I want to lodge my opinion with regard to the proposed Two-Laning/Traffic Crippling of 800 Block Esquimalt Road (Dominion to Head Street). In short, this plan is a mistake.

Other examples of two-laning and the addition of bike lines (namely, 2800-3000 blocks Quadra St.; Fort St. above Cook; and Bay St. from the Point Ellice Bridge to Government) does not “calm” traffic. It creates traffic density. The addition of bike lanes does not provide a safe place for bicycles and small engine motorcycles (mopeds, scooters, electric bikes, etc.) to travel. The majority of the bicyclists continue to use the sidewalks and force pedestrians to dodge the vehicles. As the number of electric bikes and mopeds has climbed in the last year, I have seen their numbers on the sidewalks. In many of these incidents, the bicyclists are using sidewalks adjacent to bike lanes. In some cases, I have seen bicyclists using bike lanes and running counter to the flow of traffic creating a …

The Thing... Well, some sort of a Thing

Maybe Halloween isn't my Thing (get it?)... maybe I should try St. Patrick's day...