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Nazi Nukes

This has recently been unearthed:

And in case, you're not freaked out yet. How about a BC Nuke?
Broken Arrow near Smithers BC. The report says that a US bomber crashed in British Columbia and a special ops team went up to a mountain near Smithers BC to destroy a B-36 interconintental bomber. The problem with these planes: they're good at crashing. Really good.


News Scotsman Article:
A CHILDREN’S author from the Lothians is set to go global after securing a six-figure publishing deal in a fierce bidding war. Writer Janey Jones has landed a 12-book deal for her Princess Poppy series with Random House, Britain’s biggest-selling book publisher, which fought off stiff competition from children’s publisher Walker Books to land the deal.
$100K+ advance for kids books. Ouch. Of course, the trick is turning out twelve books. The publishers now have a rope around her neck that costs more than a BMW sportscar.

Soon to Collapse Arena To Open Soon

Victoria's arena is due to have its first act, Rod Stewart, appear in a few hours. The builders are almost done. With a rush like this, the arena builders have laid out $250,000+ in the last day for wages and super-duper overtime. Inspectors turned up a number of shortcomings, but things are right under the wire for the repairs, re-inspections and follow-up repairs.

I have three theories of how tonight will go:

It will go off without a hitch (yeah right)
The high pitches and loud volumes of Rod Stewart's version of wheelchair rock will vibrate the wet cement and porridgy drywall. That will bring down the roof and make Victoria infamous for being "The Town That Killed Rod Stewart."
The safety inspections will fail and the arena will have to remain closed. Rod Stewart's people will be bummed. His fans will riot. The nacent arena is suffer untold damages from cane blows and hurled bottles of vitamins and liver medicine.

Wifey and I checked out the arena and snapped some …

Aspartame, Great for the shakes.

If you love experience headaches, nausea, tremors and a screeching colon, give Aspartame a try. If you're tired of feeling like a fired bullet, maybe you should contact:

Solar Income

Cool concept: solar income. What to do with solar wealth? Build a solar tower!


I set up my Deviant Art account (finally) :

Telempathic Resonance

Telempathic Resonance: (n) A state of being where two or more telempaths experience the same empathic stimulus at the same time within proximity to one another, causing an amplification of the source of the stimulus. This can result in symptoms similar to sensory overload, but on a psychic level. Side effects can include nausea, dizzyness, anxiety and headache.

Death Ray Please

"Dr. Pinkney: we need a death ray, but it has to draw very little power"

"I can do it, or my name isn't John Q. Pinkney!"

Granted, but...

Here's some way to get grants and moola to practice your art:

For children's literature: ArtsNet
For new media: ArtsNet
Writer's Trust
For sculptors: Canada Council

In other words, money for someone else's lame idea. Mine don't count. Of course, I could try to get money for my multi-disciplinary piece that I have tentatively called:

"Man peeing on self while wearing a ceramic hat and singing Stompin' Tom ballads upon the lawn of the parliment buildings."

What? Not avante garde enough? Do the Stompin' Tom ballads make it too commercial?

And for those of you that think that the BC Liberals only help their big business buddies, take a look at the BC Achievement Foundation. It reads like a who's who list of Liberal siccophants and neo-cons. Coming in 2006: The second Degenerate Art Exhibition! Tickets on sale April 22nd. Torches on sale April 23rd.