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A Visit To Victoria aka How City Hall is Ruining Its City

I pop into town to buy some soup for the wife who is home sick.
At 12:23PM, I bought a ticket so that I could park for 18 minutesAt 12:25PM, one of the parking Nazis gives me a ticket for $40! For what? For parking too long. C148, don't go sobbing that I mock the quality of your work. You are bad at your job. Your incompetence is making downtown Victoria a place to avoid.I could not find what I was looking for, so I went to Cook St. Village in search of soup. I parked in a 1 hr. parking spot. One of Dean Fortin's lackies, a City of Victoria worker, parks behind me, on a yellow line partially obscuring a crosswalk with one wheel on the pavement. (1, 2, 3)

Feel free to use this complaint as a boilerplate when the parking Nazis hit your car too:

From: me
Email : my email
Reference :
Daytime Phone : Not provided
I was issued a ticket today, (ticket# PA417039)

When two…

Harper Government

I don't know why people are protesting the "Harper Government" phrasing in press releases.
I take the opposite tack: I am Stephen Harper's problem if this is how he wants to play. I want lots of Harper Government money; I want lots of elective surgery; I want safe streets; I want all my friends to get this too.
I used to expect that Canadians were responsible for providing this for themselves. Instead, it's the Harper Government. We don't have to provide anything. We don't have to answer for anything. Harper does. If my needs and wants spiral out of control, that's not my problem. Now it's the Harper Government problem.
Stephen Harper, as the embodiment of the Harper Government: you owe me. When you are voted out of office, I hope that the Government formerly known as the Government of Canada goes with you. Governments are full people who want more money than welfare would provide and have the free time to clock in and collect that excess. Governmen…