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Cthulhu At the Moment

Here's a look at how my sculpture project has evolved over the last year. Has it been just one year?

Marvel Zombies : The Movie!

Marvel Zombies was one of the coolest ideas of come out of Marvel Comics in the last few years. The premise: Marvel superheroes are turned into zombies. The combination of their super-powers and their hunger for brains make them a force to be reckonned with. The first series ended in a terrific fashion. They abused their Army-of-Darkness license and made a Zombies/Ash spin-off (that sucked). The Marvel Zombies sequel came out last year and its five issue run was also strong. My favourite part of the second series: the cover art. Each cover took a classic comic book cover and zombified it.

Some fans with superhero costumes and zombie make-up put out a video on the web: it's YouTube quality but it's got alot of spirit.

More on Marvel Zombies from wikipedia:

Publication historyThe Marvel Zombies concept first appeared in Ultimate Fantastic Four #21-23 (2005) by writer Mark Millar and artist Greg Land. The overriding plot premise is that almost all superpowered beings on Earth have b…

Is Fisher Price out of Ideas?

I saw an ad this morning for "Planet Heroes" and the hero, "Earth Ace" seems to look alot like Buzz Lightyear. But I'll let you be the judge:


And then there is Buzz-- er, Ace's nemesis: Emperor Black Zurg or something...


Shrillary Wins Texas like a Republican: with fewer votes

This from The Trailblazer:

The Hillary Clinton camp has tried every avenue to delay reporting on the delegates from the Texas primary. They tried to intimidate the Texas Democratic Party prior to the primary. That failed. On election night, they threw up a duststorm of objections about irregularities. Now, the Clinton camp us urging the state party to delay the March 29 county and senate conventions, where details of how 67 delegates picked in the county caucuses will be announced. @Mad Milly and the Monster by Wayne Slater

Why are they doing this? Because they are losing.

CNN projects that Barack Obama won the Texas caucuses with 38 convention delegates, compared to 29 for Clinton. The Texas primary is a complicated, two-step process. Clinton won more delegates than Obama in the popular-vote portion, 65 to 61. With his likely caucus-delegate haul, looks like Obama won the overall statewide delegate lead, 99 to 94 -- or once superdelegate endorsements are factored in, 109 to 106.

Hillary …

China: Crackdown in Tibet (again)

My apologies to Boing-Boing. Their story,, is too important to not make note of:

* Above left: phonecam snapshots of protests in Amdo, Tibet, over the weekend; at right, phonecam video of the same. * According to Shanghaiist (and now, mainstream news outlets), YouTube was blocked in China over the weekend, likely because of content related to the flood of pro-Tibetan-sovereignty protests in Tibet and elsewhere: International news channels such as CNN and BBC are also getting routinely blacked out. While we think this is a really poor way to deal with all the shit that's going on, we have been there many, many times, and survived. Time to turn on your VPN again, people! An * John Kennedy at Global Voicesconfirms the YouTube block: As Tibet transitioned into total lockdown and videos of the violent situation proliferated on YouTube, people began noticing Saturday afternoon in China that the video-sharing website

Quick Thought on Victoria's Riff-raff

Why is it we have posted "Do not feed the birds" but we feed the riff-raff at the Open Door?

Quick Thought on the Primaries

After four years of Shrillary, you will be wishing for the days of Dubya.

Quick Thought on Projects

If you get 50% of the way through building 5 homes, you have no home.

You're Miles Behind with Miles Plumbing

We asked Miles Plumbing to replace our hot water tank. They quoted $599-- so we're paying a $300 premium to have a professional do it. Sure.
They gave us a 1-3PM window to show up. At 4PM we called as asked where they were. They said they would send their emergency guy but they wouldn't charge us extra. They suggested that we call back after 5PM. Good idea: they close at 5PM. Thanks for the advice.

The next day, one of their plumbers showed up. Out goes the tank. In comes the new tank. So far, it's still working.

We got the bill. Because there were stairs, they tacked on the labour on top of the quoted price. Because of stairs. Stairs in the parking lot. In other words: the price they quote will only hold if your hot water tank is sitting in the parking lot beside where their truck would park. If you have steps to your front door: you're going to pay. If you have steps down to your hot water tank, you're going to pay.

Here are the highlights of our bill: what they bil…