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Whatever Happened To Baby Madonna

I think there is nothing wrong with aging women. I think any guy who can't appreciate (read: get the hots for) a woman who is +/- 10 years their age, is an idiot. With all that said, I have been really disturbed by Madonna for the last few years. She went from trampy to sexy to still-got-it to milf to cougar to... Baby Jane. I was watching a seldom seen, but beloved movie, "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane" about a child star whose halcyon days were 50 years prior. Betty Davis plays the title role: she had one scene were she was out and about and all tramped up to impress the menfolk. She had this creepy quality and I got a sense of deja vu.

The last time I saw a trampy old bag who was trying to hook men was the last time I saw Madonna on TV. The sad part: in the above examples, Madonna was 47 and had the benefit of more anti-aging techniques than Vlad the Impaler; Betty Davis was 58. Yet, there seems to be a slim gulf between a has-been and an actress playing a has-been


God's Will Exacted on WalMart

Tonight at approximately 5PM, a lightning storm broke out over Saanich, BC. It hit several locations including the Walmart store, knocking out power in the area. This knocked out power, emergency communications and traffic lights. Lights on many interections were knocked back to 4-way stop status. Lightning also struck a home on Cadilliac Avenue, where it blew out windows and peeled bark off of a fir tree.
We were shopping at a grocery store at the time. The lights flickered and a fierce rumble roared over the roof of the building. I was outside for a follow-up flash and that lit up the whole of sky.
Despite being struck by lightning and a loss of power, Walmart reopened within minutes. I guess they didn't get the message that they shouldn't be open for business. Chalk this up to a tale of Greed vs. Mother Nature.

A Story on the lightning strike and its effect.

Satan or Santa?

A red figure who knows if you're naughty or nice. He seems to have supernatural powers and he's not a revered figure in Christianity. Santa or Satan? I've have fun with this typo potential for years: "Satan's Wish List" "The Fallen Angel, Santa." "Kids? Do you want me to take you to see Satan?" Anyways. It's more than a typo. In Austria, St. Nick is followed around by figures dressed in devil masks. While Santa dishes out candies and well wishes, the devil swap people's backsides.

This from The Beer Hunter:
Grotesquely masked as monsters and devils, and accompanied by the red-robed figure of St Nicholas (otherwise known as Santa Claus), a troupe of children were causing a commotion in the huge, arched, beer halls of the Augustiner brewery - not the famous one in Munich, Germany, but the very imposing namesake in the city of Salzburg, Austria. Both of these breweries were founded by Augustine abbeys, and the one in Austria is still pa…

Do We Pay Enough Compassion?

In response, to a friend's blog post, I have this to say:
Helping the homeless easy and impossible to solve. It's been a big concern about me for a while. The bottom rung is where the trouble happens. That's the person who saps your taxes; he'll take your stuff; she'll go (more) nuts and take a swing at your mother as she's closing up the store. If everyone in your surroundings is a billionaire, the millionaire will need to bum a ride on your lear jet. If you have a roof and groceries, the guy with nothing will try to get your roof and/or your groceries.
I take a moment to think every time I see a homeless person or someone who is high risk (there are two houses just up the street where the people aren't homeless: they have a base of operations and they're much more dangerous). I ask, "how could I fix that?" In case you don't know me: I'm a loud mouth and a busybody and I try fix anything broken. The difference engine chugs for a few m…

Utah, here I come!

I just found this super cool site, via another super cool tool
What this SFX site lacks in looks, it makes up for in pricing and diversity.

Tony Danza Moment

I was speaking with an acquaintance last night who worked as an extra, on the crap-ass TV movie, Stealing Christmas, starring Tony Danza. In between shots, Tony "Who's The Boss" Danza was sitting around on set. One of the extras came up to Mr. Danza and said, "Hey! How are you liking Vancouver?"
Tony replied, "Don't fucking talk to me" and went back to reading.
My guess is that he was bitter that his career was in such a state that he was sitting on a soundstage in Canada filming a movie for cable TV.
My second guess, he's angry that he's a punchline.

What's your theory?

PriceRitePhoto: Abusive Bait and Switch Camera Store

This is a small excerpt regarding customer service whiz Steve Phillips:
He first told me that if I did this that he would not cancel my order but just never fill it. If I cancelled it he said he'd charge me a 15% restocking fee. When I told him that that would be unethical he went nuts. He accused me of trying to "extort" him and said that he was going to have two local police officers come over and arrest me. He then went on to say that as a "professional photographer" I should have known better than to try and buy a camera this way and that he was an attorney and would sue me if I wrote an article about my experience.

He told me that I had no idea who I was dealing with and that as he had my work contact info that he was going to call both my immediate supervisor and the CEO of my company and tell them that I was trying to extort him.

"I will take this very personally," he said. He claimed to have recorded our phone call and said that he would make sur…