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Big Cheques = Brain Breaker

We finally closed off the sale of our first house. I walked a big cheque into the bank and deposited it. The size of the cheque broke my brain: it's the most I had ever deposited in one move. I had an unfortunate epiphany: I need to be depositing cheques of that size every month. How will I do this? Stay tuned.

Quick Thought on Moving and Houseselling

There's light at the end of the tunnel.

It's the train.

F-bomb X 2

I don't know why, I'm happy that the F-Bomb can snug itself onto the TV, but I do. Maybe because it's an F-You! to prudes and Washington censors


Dogless Head! Dogless Head!


I think this is creepy, but it looks cool. The Soviets did some wild experiments.

Ha-Ha: Apple Sues North Studio

North Studio has been stealing copyrighted content for years. A few years ago, the word got out about their various scams (eg. charging students to develop commercial websites for clients) and they tried to clean up their rep. Rep? Did you know that window washing was part of their course work? Not "Window" as in "Microsoft Windows"-- windows, as in the clear panes of glass. Former victims, students, report doing all sorts of menial tasks in addition to learning about technology (read: Drupal). So they launched the Victoria School of Business and Technology to scrub their name-- of course they didn't scrub it too much, their old habits die hard. According to this piece from the Times Colonist, VSBT used a logo too close to Apple's for Apple's liking. If NorthStudio loses this legal case (likely-- the head of the company is a failed lawyer), expect to see NSIT (Northern Saanich Institute of Technology) launch at the same location and equipment with a gr…

Quick Thought on Obesity

My size of jacket only comes with tent pegs.


Wanna go out for a night on the town in St. Augustine?

Leave the kids at the Alligator Zoo!

This ranks up there with the "Pre-schoolers Handgun Safety Camp"

Fun in the Downtown Core

At about 5:50 on Wednesday night, my daughter and I were ambling across Blanshard up Fort St.. A woman in a white 4-door sedan (like a late 80s-early 90s Dodge something or other), pulled across the crosswalk to position herself to turn right up Fort Street. A litte douche-baggy, sure, but she cut off had cut off no pedestrians.

This guy ahead of us:
- 50's maybe 60's in age
- caucasian
- average anglo-European feature
- 5'10" - 6' 0" (it's a guess-- I'm not the Terminator with one of those HUD things)
- average-to-slim build (maybe 170 lbs.)
- salt-and-pepper grey hair, short but more-or-less a full head of hair
- dark blue pants (cargo pants or un-worn jeans)
- navy waist-length windbreaker-- Fall weight (some padding)

The guy approached the drivers window and open palmed, smashed his hands against her window. It shatters. There is a moment of confusion, then he does a speedy walk South on Blanshard. I thought, "you're not getting away motherfucker.&…