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Grievous Situation

I scored as General Grievous.

General Grievous86%Anakin Skywalker75%Darth Vader69%Clone Trooper58%Yoda58%Chewbacca58%Padme Amidala56%Obi Wan Kenobi53%R2-D250%Mace Windu47%Emperor Palpatine44%C-3PO44%
Which Revenge of the Sith Character are you?
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Desert Crossing

You can cross any wasteland.

In 2000, I looked forward and saw a kind of darkness approaching. When I read Herman Hesse's Steppenwolf (written in Germany in the 1920s) , there was this background thread of doom that extremists would eventually answer the cries of angst and anger by the German people. It was like Hitler and the Nazis just filled a role that someone would eventually fill. For me, it felt like there was this storm on the horizon. On 9/11 that cake came out of the oven.

A good share of my work came from the States-- or from people who got their money from the States. The US turning inward screwed me financially. The paranoia and heightened security made me feel confined. The general zeitgeist was gloom with a George Orwell chaser. We were in a desert.

I tried to start a co-op. That sputtered and crippled us with debt. When things looked their most desperate, I started looking for a job (it wasn't so much that I was lazy and didn't want to work-- I was stubborn: I…

Dendritic Blooming

When exposed to new concept and ideas, you brain can undergo dendritic blooming. Your brain forms new connections based on new information. You can play connect-the-dots with formerly unconnected pieces of information.

Evolution in Reverse

Here's how evolution should work:

Individuals of a species succeed in their environment: they either use a resource that other creatures leave behind (like a rat); outperform in the act of gathering food (like locusts); or they attack their own kind and survive so that they can they can bear offspring with their genetic traits (like crabs).

Mankind is doomed because the elderly are preying on the young. If they succeed in scrounging, food gathering or killing other people, they can't pass their genes onto the next generation. There is the chance that they have passed on their genes and then made room for them. They could do this by hanging on to resources or jobs so long that younger generations fail. Or, they climb the curb and drive into crowds of people-- they don't drive over their own kin, they will have successfully made room for their offspring.

Case in point: this afternoon my daughter, my mother, my neice and my nephew were walking out of a small strip mall, using t…

Bullet Sale in Compton

The LAPD got some bullets on discount and had to use them up.