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SF Writers To Notice


phpBB has a huge exploit:

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Negative Day 6

I took a bottomrungmobile to get from home to UVic to pick up our van.

Leg One:
The Quadra bus past the skeeter park. Take one long haired dufus, one skateboarding 12 yr. old; one non-Eurasian male. None of them want to go to the effort of sitting in the non-disabled seats. Truth be told, the three didn't limp or have grey hair or be of adled faculties. Nevertheless, they were the most disabled people I saw all weekend.
A man with a stroke and an elderly woman boarded the bus. They had to struggle down to the back. Non-Eurasian dude tried to pick a fight with the kid. The long haired dufus jumped to the kid's defense. At the next bus stop, the bus driver tossed the threatener off. He was choked he didn't get a transfer. Charles Manson was reported to be choked he never got Sharon Tate's autograph.

Leg Two:
The bus driver does some stops. Then he stops " because he's required to wait." Five blocks later, he pulls over again because he hears a high-pitched…

Vacation Day 1

Negative Day 7:
- Screamed out the window of my van: "I'm not at work!"
- Took a shortcut into the Broadmead Mall past two "Wrong Way" signs. This is keeping with new philosophy:
a) we live in a largely lawless society and this is enjoyed by most; but should be enjoyed by all.
b) police are adept at ignoring most crimes.

First Rule About Bert...

Went to a friend's birthday party.
Threads of the discussion included:

Sesame Street's Ernie has Ernie's World. His "roommate" Bert, has few outside outlets. This makes me believe that Bert is Ernie's imaginary friend a la Brad Pitt to Ed Norton in Fight Club. This leads me to believe:

First rule about Bert:
Don't talk about Bert.

Vacation: Day 0: Christmas: Day Negative 8

Here's the theme. There are 12 days of Christmas (I am off for most of them), but I am on vacation, so right now I'm in a period of negative days of Christmas. In the spirit of being negative, here's a something I like to call:

On the Negative Eighth Day of Christmas, my true love witnessed me:
Press my scrotum to the window of the Simply The Best store!

This guy was a weasel who screwed me out of a lot of web design work. It wasn't me: he screws everyone.

Doh! (aka agnosia)

From the pages of self-diagnosis for the paranoid:

agnosia (pureworddeafness) :
A communicative disorder characterized by an inability to recognize spoken words as meaningful due to damage that severs the connections between the secondary auditory cortex and from the primary auditory cortex in both hemispheres.




For the last year, my vision has gone downhill. Objects are fine, but text at distances is unreadable. I can see the sedan speeding at me; just not whether who's company car it might be.

For a couple of years, I've been missing words-- getting the noise, but misinterpreting it. Last night, my wife said something to effect of "I can't believe you stopped my hiccups." I heard "I can't believe he stopped my hiccups." No other sounds in the room, we were two feet apart. I missed it-- or at least I heard it and heard it wrong.

With hearing and vision going, I'm progressively becoming a shut-in-- not in my house, but in my body. No wonder, I've taken to sculpting. My sense of touch is good and getting better.

My mother did this dance a few years ago: the cost for hearing aids: $3500. My medical coverage: $700 every five years. So the $2800 gap might as well be a $28 million gap.

So, in the New Year, I will go and get hearing and vision tests and s…

Beast Traits

My daughter has a lot of beastly traits that are probably good for her to have a person, but lousy as a daughter. Chief issue: her will. We were out for coffee and blew a rasberry to the man at the next table to us. Rather than apologize, she sat there defiantly. When pressed, she started crying. All she had to do, was apologize.

If I break her will (somehow) she is one step closer to the human cattle. If I don't she's going to drive me crazy.

Sans Equlibrium

In life I search for equilibrium and containment.

Equilibrium : If my boss forgives me for being 2 hrs. late, I forgive an onerrous task. If my boss forgets to tell me that payday will be late, I forget to show up.

Containment: In a good way, don't spend 20 hrs. to make a meal that will sate you for six hours. In a bad way, if someone runs over your shoe, don't burn down his house.

I am in a state without equilibrium and I now going to search for a way to regain equilibrium without losing containment.

Unfortunately, how I behave next comes from being hurt. That jeopardizes containment. I am also exhausted and all of my friends are tired by my rebuff of them, so I have only my own unreliable counsel. I feel very alone.

Financial Jeopardy

I am in a level of a financial jeopardy akin to a pilot seeing ground in front of him while being licked by fire is in physical jeopardy.

Several weeks ago, I went past the point of no return in terms of exhaustion. Today I slept in 2 1/2 hours. At this rate, I do not a) how long I can keep my job; or b) how long I can avert a heart attack. I took my blood pressure on Monday: 155/85.

One way or another, I am almost done.

Charity Case

My Ho----

removed at the demands of the Ho in question-----

to be returned posthumously in 2005 (at the rate I am going)

Five dinners + laundry

Had my niece, nephew and mother over for dinner.
Five people had five meals:
- Grilled cheese sandwich
- Potato soup
- Many pieces of bacon (the boy will have a coronary when he's 14)
- Shrimp alfredo
- Vietnamese salad rolls (I needed something akin to healthy)

Then I put in laundry.
Now, I'm strangely tired.


Slept in and skipped coffee and a hot breakfast in exchange for a shower. I guess my body needed 5 1/2 hours of sleep. Stupid body.

Sunday Morning

Got up @ 8:30, got groceries, made pancakes with whipped cream and fruit. Did the post breakfast dishes.

Pedestrian Target Practice

Victoria is full of idiots in pickups and SUVs. After three incidents in two days, I wrote this to the mayors of Victoria, Esquimalt and Saanich. That was a waste of time. Mayors are kind of like washed up TV clowns: good for opening supermarkets and MCing New Years Eve bashes. One responded and yadda-yadda-ed about all that they're doing, the told me not to kick cars. Thanks, McCheese: cut the ribbon.

To the respective mayors of Victoria, Esquimalt, and Saanich, Between yesterday afternoon and lunch time today, I have had three close calls with motorists. Three times where I and three year old daughter were nearly hit by vehicles. If can happen so frequently to one person, something is wrong.

Yesterday afternoon at Town & Country (approx 4 PM), my daughter and I were using a crosswalk near Walmart between the shops and the general parking area. A man in a late model white Buick nearly hit us. Startled and angered, I kicked the car. The man stopped, got out
of the car and verba…

Hello World

I've read blogs. I've loved blogs. I've loathed blogs. I even built a blogger that uses RSS. Now, I have a blog.