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I want one of these please:


When I am in the middle of a project, I work towards its completion like a guy going through the desert. When a project runs late, I start to feel like I've run out of water. Days without completion feel like days without water.
This week, I finally put to rest Phase One of Dynapar Encoders and yesterday, I put out a new database driven version of Da Game Boyz front end index page. Both projects had trap doors and surprises. Both were driving me nuts. Meanwhile, I had other work that was grabbing at my time and at home, I was trying to do Game Boyz code while hanging with Alice and having some semblance of a life (that last point I kind of failed on). The trick with Game Boyz was that my code base was sitting on a drive in a dormant computer. My back-up disks weren't readable. Yeah!
More work is ahead of me with Dynapar and Game Boyz, but at least I'm over the hump on both.

Face To Face

The Face Transformer is cool Java applet.

After all, what's not to trust in a face like this:

Babylon 5 Producer may take on Star Trek

With Star Trek dead (again), J. Michael Stracynski may take on the next incarnation of the franchise. Oooh... One part of the deal might be to boot Rick Berman-- the Rick McCallum of the the Star Trek franchise. Oh, course Roddenberry and Lucas both had stupid ideas. What Trek and Star Wars need is the equivalent of a Gene L. Coon (the man behind the chunks of Trek we hold to be true-- read Star Trek Memories for the scoop). That may be JMS for Trek.

Young at Heart?

These two loverbirds have been crazy for each since high school. She was teaching, he was a student.

Why not buy them something nice?

Why is this a punchline when it's a woman doing a boy; but a crime when it's the other way around? The double standard really sucks. My personal favorite was a friend who couldn't get a year of child support from his workplace because he was a man. If he were a woman or an adoptive parent he would have had that year. No one took this discrimination seriously.

Dark Victoria

Dark Victoria is a site devoted to the grimy underbelly of Victoria.

All these people think of Victoria as a paradise. It's nice and better than a lot of places, but when condoms and hypodermics start showing up at your front door, you get a clearer picture of the City of Gardens. The Liberal neo-cons who took over the province have screwed social services to the point where it's dangerous to walk the streets. Heck, it's even dangerous in small communities. If you try to escape it and take off to Hawaii, liquored up neo-cons are there to run you down too. This situation is so messed up, that MADD gave this twerp a mulligan.

I've got Light Purple

I'm a: Light Blue/Purple who many people think was suffering Green when I was growing up. Depsite that, I'm Light Blue and believe in White and think everyone has to participate for there to be Orange.

Here's where the decoder ring is

Tard Wars: Episode Zero

Hear Ye. Hear Ye.

Now the Star Wars "I'm an idiot" Roll-Call:

#5 - "This is my wife. She either has a belly tumor or my truck-driver brother knocked her up."

#4 - Luke Skywalker : Ambassador for the Special Needs Squadron

#3 - Ooh, spooky. No, wait: ooh, nerdy.

#2 - Explosion decompression victims

#1 - Boba Fett: Shorts wearing scourge of the unviserse:

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Remember when you weren't supposed to be caught taking a nap? Metronaps is bucking that trend. I'm waiting for the day when there are actual "discreets" like there were in the Bruce Sterling novel, "Schismatrix".
My idea is a "Home Away From Home." A storefront with an access card gate. Members swipe and enter. They can grab a nap; nuke a burrito; make some phone calls; change diapers; or chill in a couch while channel surfing. Charge a membership (like a health club-- but this will be a chill club) and have attendants regularly sweep through and clean. Pop one in each mall and have the attendants make the rounds to all of them cleaning, fixing and moving to the next spot. All members to either invite one person, or get a family membership. Use video surviellance to keep track of bad customers who can have their memberships yanked if they're caught putting the phone in the microwave or the burrito in the couch.

Coleco Fun

For nothing, you can download tonnes of Coleco games and the PC emulator. Swell!