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Arrested Development Development

The New York Post reported Tuesday that the Showtime cable network has picked up the cancelled show and ordered 26 more episodes. The news supports recent Internet rumblings about producers hammering out a deal with Showtime execs. Excuse me, I have to call MR F.

Tent City 2006

Spring is in the air in Victoria. Bicyclists are knocking pedestrians off of the sidewalk. Geezers are counting flowers to boost the tourist trade. Vendors are polishing their plastic Mounties. What tells me that Spring is imminent? Protestors are practicing their civil disobedience tactics. As we drove by Vancouver & Pandora, we saw a number of slackers in mock handcuffs practicing rolls and maneuvers to free themselves when chained up by police.

These guys are all ready to fight the Power, the Man, the Establishment. Where were they a month ago? They were sitting comfy in their homes afraid of the harsh Victoria “Winter.” It’s amusing that while they hate Order, almost every one of the protestors is on welfare. While welfare pays a pittance, if these guys can’t stand the man, why do they show up for payday?

I saw a bill posted on a telephone pole that called for people to gather at St. Ann’s again on Feb. 26th. Great. This will begin the spiral: these riff-raff and their dogs will…

President's Day: Best and Worst of the fictional Presidents

Chowdaheads-It seemed like a good idea at the time: President's Day: Best and Worst of the fictional Presidents

Great piece on the the best and worst presidents. If I can put in my two cents:

Best Presidents:
Morgan Freeman in Deep Impact. Really, he rocked as president. I'd see a movie of his if he played a Home Depot Manager.

Worst Presidents:
EG Marshall and Richard Basehart. I think in the 1970s, they took turns playing presidents in almost all of the movies. They fit the old white guy mold. Or is that mould?

Quick Quiz

Quick Question: How can you tell that the education you obtained is worthless? Quick Answer: you went to a place registered as a private career training institution. I think the California equivalent lists the Hollywood Upstairs Medical College.

Be Unkind To Me Today I Didn't Give Blood Today

I was a little excited to go down today and give blood. My daughter was excited. She wanted to see how all of this worked. I thought I could instill her in that it was painless and easy to give blood. Then by her 17th birthday she would start doing it herself. Unfortuantely, I gave her a lesson in a faulty bureaucracy that took lives a generation ago and is now doing it more passively.
They couldn't take my blood. Was I fresh from a vacation in Haiti with my gay IV-drug-using lover who shared my penchant from British beef spine tartar? Nope. I took a back pill for a sore neck. The stunned nurse didn't know what a back pill was and she phrased her questions like she was helping me better remember what brand of smack I buy. She trucks out to the lobby and comes back with a phone book. I guessed that the generic pills I bought two or three years ago came from London Drugs or Shopper's Drug Mart. She called someone at both (likely not a pharmacist) and asked the question about …

Resistance is Boxed

Coming this March for geeks everywhere. The 14 DVD Borg Fan Collective. The price? According to the report, $42.99. Wow. Star Trek is so good at sticking it to the fans (e.g. $175 for a season of Voyager? C'mon, when I see it on TV, I phone the cable company to get some money back) this is a surprising sticker price.

Here's a rundown of what is on the set:

ST:ENT's "Regeneration" ST:TNG's "Q Who?" ST:TNG's "The Best of Both Worlds, Part I" ST:TNG's "The Best of Both Worlds, Part II" ST:TNG's "I Borg" ST:TNG's "Descent, Part I" ST:TNG's "Descent, Part II" ST:VOY's "Scorpion, Part I" ST:VOY's "Scorpion, Part II" ST:VOY's "Drone" ST:VOY's "Dark Frontier" (double-length) ST:VOY's "Unimatrix Zero, Part I" ST:VOY's "Unimatrix Zero, Part II" ST:VOY's "Endgame" (double-length)Here's the lin…

Is Pedestrian Target Practice Under Threat?

The City of Victoria is going to look at the situation and blow $30,000 on a study of how to improve bus stops and sidewalks. Here's one way:
GET THE MOTOR VEHICLES OFF OF THE SIDEWALK. (yes, I know that counts as a shout to geeks). How could I tell that the weather was improving in Victoria? Simple. The number of idiotic bicyclists on the sidewalk. They have this artificial sense of entitlement that they can bicycle up and down the sidewalks. They ring their bells. They bleat out plaintiff, "excuse me" and "on your right". Fuck off. Under the Motor Vehicle Act, bicycles have one place: on the roads. The problem is the bike mafia. It's environmentally conscious to bike instead of drive. So, if you fault them you're to blame for global warming. Government workers can reek to high heaven without rebuke, so there is no disincentive to bike to work them plunking yourself at your desk. The Tour De Rock was peopled by a bunch of police officers who bicycled a…

Saturday Afternoon Windstorm

We avoided the windstorm by driving to Nanaimo. When he came back, it was in full swing. We went to Dallas Road to check it out. Poor 52lb. Alice is still airborne.

Groundhog Day!

In honor of Groundhog Day: here is the bit from the movie of the same name (I did this from memory as the bit appears 10x in the film and I've seen the film 30 times-- you do the math. Next week, I'll post the whole audio track of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, also from memory).

(Music: "I got You Babe" fades)
BDM : OK Campers. Rise and Shine and don't forget your Booties 'Cause It's Cold Out
HR : Cold Out? What is this? Miami?
BDM : Not Hardly. And you know you can expect hazardous travel later in the day from that blizzard.
HR : Blizzard thing. Blizzard thing. Oh, here's the report from the national weather is calling for a big blizzard thing.
BDM : It'll be especially cold. There's another reason why today is especial --
HR : Especially Cold?
BDM : Especially cold, right. The big question on everyone's lips--HR : Chapped lips
BDM : Chapped lips. Do you Phil think is gonna come out see his shadow? HR : Puxatawny Phil.
BDM : That's rig…