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Quick Thought on Obama's Experience

The talking hair-dos on CNN keep on going on and on about Barrack Obama's executive experience. Here are some quick bullet points:
John F. Kennedy was also a senator but not a governorGeorge W. Bush was a governor-- so experience seems to count for very little
John McCain is ALSO someone without executive experience (never a governor)Nixon and George Bush I, both had no gubernatorial experience-- no maybe it counts for a little...

The Cthulhu Water Fountain

My Cthulhu water fountain is done! This project started as a way to constructively dispose of recycling and construction debris. He was finished off in many layers of expanding foam (Great Stuff foam); and layer after layer of fibreglass and resin.
He is man sized (on his perch his head tops at about 5 feet). He is a composite of wood, metal, stone, plastic, wire mesh, expanding foam, plumbers cement, fibreglass mess and polyester resin.
The model in his arm is a plastic model of a PT boat, covered in resin. A tube that leads through the body pipes water from a hose attachment up through the arm and out. Combine the Zen calm of a water fountain with the Lovecraftian nightmare of a cold and uncaring universe.

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As we are moving, I am planning on selling this! Anyone want the type of lawn ornament that will keep Aunt Ethel quiet all night as she peers out the window afraid that the Apocolypse is at hand?

Quick Thought on Crime in Victoria

Since Victoria Police Chief Paul Battershill was suspended and then resigned, it seems like the Victoria Police are making a number of signifigant arrests. What was stopping them while he was in charge?

Crazy Frog Rocketship Launch!

I totally forgot to post this to my blog. Doh!

Obama's Back-up Singers

Here are details on the people who will be joining Barack Obama before he climbs to the podium at the Democratic National Convention. (drum roll please...)

Barb Sackman of Fallon, Montana
Barb is a teacher living in Fallon, Montana, a town of 150. She lives on her family's wheat and cattle farm, and rising fuel prices are making it hard to get by. She hopes Barack's plan for alternative bio-fuels will help the struggling economy in rural Montana. Barb volunteers for her church, sits on a hospital board, and organizes community events in Fallon. Barb says Barack "genuinely cares about the problems of people like me. We appreciate his continued trips to Montana to let us know that we are not forgotten." She will attend the convention with her husband.

Lenny Julius of Emerald Isle, North Carolina
Lenny is a retired naval officer who believes the Iraq War was a serious strategic mistake. He says that in 2000 he looked forward to seeing John McCain, a fellow shipmate, in the …

The Annotated Edit

This is SERIOUSLY cool: you can annonate videos and put in links to other videos. I will be making heavy use of this in the near future.

The Annotated Video

You can ANNOTATE videos! This is so cool! You can add notes, links and speech bubbles. Expect to see me using this a great deal!

Clone Wars: The Movie

I thought I could super-spoiler the Clone Wars movie or I could do a review. I did both.
Clone Wars is aimed at the Kiddie Set. Instead of the scroll that we've seen at least six times before (several video games in the license have used this too), we get a cheezy news reel narration. Instead of subtitling Jabba, people react and his protocol droid occasionally steps in. Rather than aim for the kid-lit crowd, Clone Wars aims for pre-lit crowd. While all of theSepartist gizmos (robots, vehicles, weapons) are on parade; the Republic side is sparse: Clone Troopers, Navy, a few Jedi and Padme for good measure. A nice small cast that even a six-year old could remember (that's handy for when they go intoToys'R'Us the next day). There is a real video game feel to this movie. It feels like you have a bunch of challenges to overcome: some fighting based, some logic based. If a video game isn't imminent, it could be knocked off in a weekend by pulling CGI models, clips for cu…

Clone Wars Comes Early

Thanks to some dubious decision making, I have tickets for the Saturday morning showing of the Clone Wars movie. I am very sad proud to say that my daughter has become obsessed with Star Wars (thank you Lego Star Wars). She hums the Imperial March when bored. So, we're feeding a daddy-daughter obsession.
What is kind of funny: the ticket makes a real point of saying that "no recording devices" are allowed. Meh. I have a photographic memory, so why would I need to fumble with a cellphone or camera? Expect a Medianook review awash in [SPOILER] and white-out warnings sometime Saturday night or Sunday afternoon.

Upcoming WiiWare Titles

We have a growing fascination with the Wii. A cruise through the Nintendo Channel got me thinking: what's up next? With the help of Wikipedia, here is a list of upcoming WiiWare games:

Title and Source  Developer(s)  North America
Release Dates Aero GuitarYudoTBAAlien Crush ReturnsHudson Soft02008-12-33Animales de la MuerteHigh Voltage Software02008-09 September 2008Bang!Engine Software02008-12-33Battle PokerLeft Field Productions02008-12-33Big Kahuna PartyReflexive Entertainment02008-12-33Block Breaker DeluxeGameloft02008-06-16 16 June 2008Bomberman BlastHudson SoftTBABruiser and Scratch in the Case of the Puzzling PawSteel Penny Games02008-12-33Butterfly GardenAutonomous Productions02009-12-33Cocoto Fishing MasterNeko Entertainment02008-06-16 16 June 2008CrescendoKonamiTBACritter Round-UpEpicenter Studios, Konami02008-05-19 19 May 2008Defend Your CastleXGen Studios02008-05-12 12 May 2008Dr. Mario Online RxArika, Nintendo02008-05-26 26 May 2008Eternity's ChildLuc Bernard &am…