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Telepathic potential

Study exposes telepathic potential in humans. Cool!

Yeah, I thought that was the first thing you were going to bring up.

Wither Trek

After watching the best episode of Trek ever, it's really underlined how Star Trek has seen better days. Long gone are the days when fellow retail clerks would tap their name tags and say, "Mr. Data, beam us up!" Now, in my IT office, 2 out of 12 people watch Star Trek. And this is amogst geeks. Geeks!

In a visual sense, this graph really tells the tale:

I'm looking forward to the demise of Star Trek in only that its total death may give the premise time to heal. My front running ideas:
- Tales of Trek: Anthology series set in the Trek universe. Half Twilight Zone, half Trek (of all eras). I liked the Twilight Zone and it ran on the concept not on the star power. I also really liked the Trek episodes cut from that cloth (e.g. Charlie X).
- Star Trek: Remake the original series. Recast the roles. Make the show snug into Trek lore from the get-go. After all, the Federation came into the show somewhere in the late first season. The Enterprise is called "USS Enterprise&…

Paradise Lost

Travel back to 1999. Clinton was in the White House. Every idiot was launching a dotcom worth millions in moments. I was working on the Internet.

Here's the dynamic: I had a mix of self-employment work from local clients and ongoing work from an IT temp agency. Money was good. My wife would take off to work at noon and I would pick her up at approx. 9PM. She had her late mornings. I got to see her. We lived in a house and had enough money.

Things were so good we screwed with the dynamic. Cheryl had to work later. I did less work for the temp agency and more with local clients who choked on $5 invoices. We moved from renting a house to buying a townhouse. We started a family.

During the same time, the dotcom crash happened. Then two years later, 9/11 slammed US job opportunities. With a new family came a lot of time taking care of our child. Meanwhile, I made big mistakes:
I worked for two chuckleheads who cared only about their BMWs (his and "hers") and their sex tours to …