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Thing Part Two of ???

Thing, stony golem, you name it. I am still working on the video, but I have recorded MUCH of this process. When I get the time, I will put together a how-to video for how to make your own massive costume for Halloween.

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Yesterday, there were two protests, one in Victoria and Vancouver. In Victoria two common archetypes collided: old people with money and young people who pretend to have no money.

In one corner: Clara Beatrice "Trixie" Kramer, owner of the Janion Hotel on Store Street. This building has sat vacant for my entire life. Word has it, Kramer was left the building by her husband and for some batty reason, she has held onto it and done nothing with it. Potentially picturesque, this is an example of Victoria in a nutshell. I have had the dubious fortune to listen as realtors purposefully keep spaces vacant like a some prom queen clutching her chasity. The remaining space in town goes for a premium because there is so little of it.

In the other corner, are Victoria's "poor" and "homeless" and "down trodden." (If I could have used more quotes, I would have). Their champion d'jour is Ben Isitt, opportunist and rabble rouser. While he lives in a nice …

Class of 1956


Celebrity Reach-around, Victoria Style

Does anyone know what is being shot at the Broad/Yates Serious Coffee this morning (Wed Oct 18th)?

When the 1990s opus, Free Money was shot in Victoria it jammed up the Johnson St. Bridge during rush hour for days. I heard then that Victoria had given the movie crew free use of the bridge because of all of the business it would bring. Really, I think the City has stars in their eyes. I was at the council meeting where CHUM made its application to put a TV Channel across the street from City Hall. Moses Znaimer attended to plead his case. The council bobbed and giggled like school girls. I have a concern that Victoria is hands over the keys to the city to anyone with an LA post office box and a gaggle of grips and dollies. As a taxpayer. I more concerned that the city streets are being jammed up for free.

I remember an unhappy anecdote from the manager of Eugenes on Broad Street. During the shooting of Little Women in 1990, he used to park his car in spot he rented by the month up on Vie…

Buccanneer Days


Dinner Is Going to the Dogs


Motherf*cker Looks Just Like The Thing

Thing - first coat of paint 2
Originally uploaded by dewolfe0001. This halloween I am working on a costume of the Thing from the Fantastic Four comic book. I am not going to try to do the suck-ass movie version. (did I mention that Michael Chiklis (sic) sucks?). I am likely very behind time-wise. So here's to hoping I can pull it off. Last year I went as Hellboy. In 2007 or 2008 I will be going as a centaur. Really. Or Kosh.
I have been trying to record my steps as I go along build this costume. My hope: to publish a website in the next month or two so that by next Halloween, a whole bunch of people can go as their favorite stone dude.
Oh, and if you want to know what my inspiration was:

Shaw is swallowing mail messages

On my tech blog, I have posted a piece about how Shaw swallows up messages. I guess that's one way to control bandwidth. Also, how their CSR's available via telephone cannot use telephones. My suggestion: if you're on Shaw go somewhere else. They are intercepting, filtering and blocking your email.

Don't believe me? Go to my post, cut one of my two example messages and send it to another mail account. See if it gets there. I dare ya.

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Holy Sidewalks, Batman

I found this via the best tech podcast on the web, Technorama. It's an amazing example of perspective work. If this isn't enough for you, you could always be Batman, with the help of the Batman Handbook.

Stupid Trivia

I have a guilty pleasure of a movie: Incubus. It was released in 1965, starred William Shatner and filmed by a lot of Outer Limits crew. What makes it stands out is that was performed entirely in Esperanto. What's weirder: it's the second movie made in the Susan-B-Anthony-dollar of languages. In 1964, Angoroj, came out: scooping this lost Shatner epic by a whole year.

The irony: more people speak Klingon than Esperanto. Kapla!

What could be worse?

There's your answer all the way from the 1978 Sci-Fi Awards.