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Canada Post is Rotten

After the lock-out and the back-to-work legislation passed, I expected that mail would resume yesterday. At 5PM a Canada Post employee, one who had the whiff of management to her, walked up my steps with two pieces of mail (one junk mail, one bank statement). She knocked on the door and handed me the mail with an apology, "I didn't know where your mailbox was." I replied, "It's that large white box at the bottom of the stairs where people put mailboxes." How can a grown-up human being in Canada not recognize a mailbox? As my daughter suggested, it's like a dairy owner not knowing what a cow looks like. However, it does speak to part of what's wrong with Canada Post. It's run by morons.
I have tried to send some of my crafts via Canada Post. It has been a dodgy prospect. One package could not be delivered because they couldn't find the address. When it came back, I was working by my front door with the door open. I saw the delivery truck pull…

Canucks Riot: A pictorial journey

Hey-- can't Tasmanian siblings have sex in peace? My fly dance moves make up for my small mis-shaped penis! Watch as the North American Dumb-Ass, clad in shorts considers attacking the man with the gun... Face it: some people cannot handle a world with Peter Mansbridge Tonight on CNN: dumb reporter get attacked by the Hulk. OMG! My BF is swinging from a lamp post like a chimp! 
That's why I totally love him!  How many dumb-asses does it take the get a fire going, anyways? Come to Vancouver: Enjoy our downtown open-air BBQ We'll hide behind this fence! Question: How old are you, mentally?Check it! I'm FOOURR!! Dude! I totally got a picture of that thing I burned, yo! I didn't have the heart to tell him that it didn't read "Hooligan" Man-- this wait for the port-a-potty is taking FOREVER! The irony: Christy Clark is going to need dumb people to get re-elected.
Unfortunately, they riot but they don't vote.