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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

B -17 Days (17 days to BSG Season 4.5)

Before it comes out on April 21st, you can read the script. Heck-- just buy it.

Here's the Caprica pilot to tide you and I over...

Script_Caprica_pt1 - Free Legal Forms

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

How to get stuff out of your Nokia

I busted my Nokia, but here's how-to I got the data out, via Those

Sunday, December 28, 2008

BSG Face of the Enemy Episodes. GET THEM FAST

Amazon has accidentally released some of the key episodes before their real launch on

Episode 7
Episode 8
Episode 9 --- missing (who knows why... ?)
Episode 10
(won't stream in Canada without a good Proxy source-- dang it!-- luckily there is Youtube UK)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

It's all in the editing

This is why I love to edit stuff: take two VERY different shows-- one full a gripping tale of survival and brutality; the other about people in a paper company regional office. These two clips use editing and music to set most of the tone-- but swap the footage. The result is a amiable journey through space; and an operatic clerical world.


Robot Chicken Does BSG

Monday, December 22, 2008

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tom Cruise's Top Ten

Way to go crazy but entertaining Midget!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Big Three Welfare and How We Can Help

Dear Mr. Harper:
I have been unsuccessful in generating advertising revenue. I do not know whether it is that I have been building unpopular content; or if there is a crisis of those who use advertising revenue to earn income. Regardless, I need the aid of the Federal Government or I will be forced to go out of the blogging business. This will create significant impact to my part of this crucial business sector. There will be no other blog producers present to serve the needs of blog consumers. I require an unknown amount of money-- I will let you know when I have enough. Please do not delay in forwarding all of the funds necessary.
It is ridiculous that because the car makers are failing because of their incompetence that they should be bailed out. It is especially amazing that the right wing party in the country-- that should be the bastion of the free enterprise-- would bail out these car makers just because they hold their workers' futures hostage.
If the Conservatives wanted to help the auto makers and Canadians, they would do this: allow people to claim most of the purchase price of any new Canadian built car with a high minimum mileage. If you spend $40,000 on a car, you would get $30,000 off of your taxes-- the extra would show up as a rebate. This would put new cars on the road to replace old cars; it would jump start that element of the economy; it would benefit the taxpayers. If this stimulated car production and car sales that should solve the auto company woes. If sales won't save them, then a government bailout certainly wouldn't do it.
Really, people are learning to live within their means; if they are using public transit, bicycles and walking; and high gas prices have made people rethink cars. This combination of factors have spelled doom for the car companies-- how could people not have known this was going to be a side effect? If you tell people not to use cars, they won't buy cars. If you punish them with bass-ackwards transportation theories in every community in Canada (eg. traffic crippling aka traffic calming), people will get frustrated out of buying cars. This is like my joke about finding the serum for immortality: what would you do with all of those out-of-work doctors?

Monday, December 15, 2008

Harper and Satan!

I am working on something for a larger project. I did this up as a 2 second part of that bigger work:

Monday, December 08, 2008

38,545 People Changed the Fate of a Nation

Just remember-- you vote for an MP, not a PM. The people of Calgary Southwest elected the prime minister on October 14th; the rest of the country went along for the ride...

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Preparing for a Progressive Coalition

Here's my take on the Coalition :

Canada has 30 million-plus people.
Nine million votes were cast (30% of the people cast a vote-- some didn't care, some were ineligible; some were prevented from participating)
40% of the voters voted for Conservatives.
Of the 30 million people in Canada, 3.6 million asked for Stephen Harper and his crowd to form a government. They don't have the legitimate position to rule.

This from the Progessive Coalition call:

We need to reach our friends, neighbours, and colleagues with a simple message over the coming days: we have confidence in a coalition, and 60% is a majority. The events of the last few days are cause for jubilation for Canadians who support a progressive coalition government. However, from our conversations with our fellow citizens we know that there is some confusion about the legitimacy of the coalition and concern about the stability of government. To be succesful, we must listen to those Canadians, speak to their confusion, and address their concern.

We must build and show our support respectfully. If we are boistrous and triumphalist we will turn off undecided Canadians. Accordingly, today we have two special actions:

1. Candles for a Coalition: On Tuesday and Wednesday night at 7PM, light a candle infront of a street-facing window and turn off the light in the room for 20 minutes. (Make sure to keep the candle away from anything combustible!) On Thursday, at 5PM we are organizing Candles for a Coalition events across the country. We are going to take pictures and show Canadians from coast to coast support a coalition. Do you want to help organize one in your community? Email by 4PM PST today, December 2nd. There will be a list of events on the website by Wednesday morning.

There are also rallies being organized in major cities across the country on Thursday and Saturday - check out:

2. Call in to radio: A lot of undecided Canadians listen to radio. We need to call in to express our confidence in a coalition and that the 60% of Canadians voted for progressive parties. Use the Conservatives' website to find your best local option:

In addition, we need to keep spreading the word. Over the last 24 hours you've done incredible work for this cause. In one day you doubled the number of people that have taken the petition (now well past 10,000), doubled the number of people in the Facebook group (now well past 5,000), and doubled the number of people who have watched the Youtube video (over 8,000). In fact, because of your efforts can directly reach 4,000 Canadians through this listserv alone.

1. If you have not done so already, please sign the petition. We will submit the petition on Thursday or Friday of this week. We will submit the updated petition again on Monday December 8, the day of the confidence vote. Link:

Forward this message to people who use email, and speak with people who don't. Speak with your friends and family and show them the YouTube video. Video link at:

3. Also, check out the new "share" functions on the front page of the website under the video - the sites on that menu are a great way to reach people. You can also use this function to email the site to a friend. Link:

Phone either your MP, or the President of the local Riding Association of the party you voted for, to tell them you support their party forming a coalition government. Encourage your Riding Association leadership to do joint media appearences in support of a coalition.

5. Write letters to the editor, call in to radio shows, and post comments on news stories and blogs. Remember: we have confidence in a coalition, and 60% is a majority.

6. Finally, go through the news sites and vote in their polls on the coalition. Check out the Globe and Mail poll in particular, it's about half-way down the front page on the right hand side. Link:

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