You'll Have To Look These Up

EUGERIA - I will start putting this in half of the birthday cards I fill out.
EYESERVICE - Working from home-- it's hard to do this.
IATROGENIC - What I get from the Doctor's office on most occasions.
MEUPAREUNIA - Like I'd be so lucky to even get the better half of this one.
NEANIMORPHIC - I will put this in the other half of the birthday cards.
ONIOCHALASIA - We did this about three times a week until we ran out of floor space.
PARNEL - Chews bubble gum and collects Hot Wheels.
RESISTENTIALISM - Every computer comes standard with this feature.
LIBBERWORT - This is all that the Golden Arches sells.
CLISTER - A great insult ca. 1200. E.g. "You're a clister to humanity."
SUPPEDANEUM - See: it's not all bad.


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