Bulletproof backpacks

This from Wired News:
MJ Safety Solutions is a company banking on irrational fear to push it's bullet resistant Ballistic Bookbag, a 20oz schoolbag with an integrated ballistic panel.

How likely is it that your kids will end up getting shot? According to MJ Safety Solutions' own figures, 229 deaths have occurred in school shooting since 1999. That sounds pretty bad, right? Compare that to 838 deaths caused by falling out of bed in 2003 alone. Or accidental strangulation or suffocation (still in bed): 497 deaths in 2003.

Still, if you have to protect little Johnny from an almost non-existent risk, the Ballistic Bookbag will get the job done. Check the video to see the $175 bag shrugging off 9mm hollow point bullets.

Who can afford a bulletproof backpack but still can't afford to move their kid to a school where they can't be shot? Drug dealers? For that matter, wouldn't a piece-of-crap get a few of these (they may even purchase them rather than steal them), cut out the bulletproof panel and work it into their outfit.
As anyone who's gone crazy and started picking off students would know: never aim for the backpack, aim for the head. It guarantees a closed casket funeral and makes the parents feel chumped that they didn't buy a matching bulletproof baseball cap for $50.
If you think that's morbid, think about the idea that you're letting our society consider sending children off to get shot rather can stop the enviroment that fosters these shootings in the first place.


Cheryl said…
Wow, 229 deaths since 1999.. that's about 30 per year. So, you're more than twice as likely to be killed by either lightning or a tornado.

Never underestimate the American public's appetite for paranoia... it seems to be insatiable in today's atmosphere of constant fear.

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