One Dollar of History

What's happened to the Canadian dollar since way back? Wonder no longer: the Bank of Canada skimmed some cash and wrote this long history of the Canadian Dollar.

For me, all I that's gotten me interested is that Curious Comics and Legends are selling all of their comics at US Prices (until people bitch that the Canadian Dollar now buys $1.07 US)


The First Nations (ca. 1600-1850)

New France (ca. 1600-1770)

British Colonies in North America: The Early Years (pre-1841)

Currency Reforms (1841-71)

The Canadian Dollar under the Gold Standard (1854-1914)

Canada off the Gold Standard (1914-26)

Back on the Gold Standard—Temporarily (1926-31)

The Depression Years and the Creation of the Bank of Canada (1930-39)

Canada under Fixed Exchange Rates and Exchange Controls (1939-50)

A Floating Canadian Dollar (1950-62)

AcknowledgementsReturn to a Fixed Exchange Rate (1962-70)

No Funny Money, PleaseReturn to a Floating Rate (June 1970-present)

Concluding Remarks

Appendix A: Purchasing Power of the Canadian Dollar

Appendix B: Alternative Money

Appendix C: Charts




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