Project Lifespan in 20 seconds

I was going through Chapters on Thursday night. I hit their discount table: lots of sad books on the cheap. I came across this book: a book full of ads for non-existant products. It seemed like a great book. I thought:
"What a great book."
"Gee I wish I had thought of this"
"Maybe I could do something like this"
"Of course this book has already been done"
"And it ended up on the discount table."
"So my idea would be for a book destined for the discount table."
"That would suck."
"I'm not going to do this."

I dropped the book and moved on.

Epilogue: When I went to the cashier, I asked about the U.S. vs. Canadian price (Canadian prices are about 25% higher than the U.S. price) with the Canadian dollar worth 10% more than the US-- so Canadians are getting grilled 40% for privilege of having a middle-man (Harper) between us and the Bush Dictates. I know that retailers have stock from several months ago. I know that the pricing is meant change more gradually. But several months ago, there was a 10% gap between the U.S. and Canadian prices-- now its revsersed and there is no excuse for a correction. For me, I'm not going to wait: we're off to the States soon for a shopping run. I plan on hitting a few books stores and I am happy that my money is going into a Yankee profit margin rather than contribute to Chapters-- a company that has preyed on other booksellers and destabilized publishing in Canada-- and thereby has harmed Canadian culture. What does Chapters has to say about their pricing? They have a stupid leaflet full of excuses. Sorry Chapters: I'm not buying.


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