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Friday, November 23, 2007

Ashcan Editions

This from wikipedia:

An ashcan copy is a term that originated in the Golden Age of comic book publishing, meant to describe a publication produced solely for legal purposes (such as copyright), which was not normally intended for distribution.

The word "ashcan" is an older synonym for wastebasket, trashcan, or other garbage receptacle. The implication is that the printed material will go straight from the printer to the trash, which was often the case. Ashcan editions frequently contained unlettered stories, unfinished art or even just whatever wastepaper had been conveniently available at the time. The goal in making them was to get something out with the wanted title slapped on as quickly as possible so that the publisher could make some claim to having been the first in print if a competitor tried to publish a similar title.

One example is Flash Comics #1 by Fawcett Comics which introduced Captain Thunder (later Captain Marvel). This particular example of ashcan publishing was in vain, as a competitor had already beat Fawcett to publishing a "Flash Comics".

Other entertainment industries have equivalents. The most famous film example is the 1994 version of The Fantastic Four, produced by Roger Corman, allegedly only to maintain the license to the property. The movie had a two million dollar budget and was not distributed.

In modern comics, ashcans may be used as a promotion or as an inexpensive format for independent self-publishing. The term is sometimes synonymous with minicomics.

If anyone wants a copy of "Black Friday Man", you can email me for copies. In my special edition, he has teamed up with "Late Turkey-Dinner Boy"

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Holmes On The Home Heist

Start with Colin and Justin; and their Home Heist Show. What happens next...?

Project Lifespan in 20 seconds

I was going through Chapters on Thursday night. I hit their discount table: lots of sad books on the cheap. I came across this book: a book full of ads for non-existant products. It seemed like a great book. I thought:
"What a great book."
"Gee I wish I had thought of this"
"Maybe I could do something like this"
"Of course this book has already been done"
"And it ended up on the discount table."
"So my idea would be for a book destined for the discount table."
"That would suck."
"I'm not going to do this."

I dropped the book and moved on.

Epilogue: When I went to the cashier, I asked about the U.S. vs. Canadian price (Canadian prices are about 25% higher than the U.S. price) with the Canadian dollar worth 10% more than the US-- so Canadians are getting grilled 40% for privilege of having a middle-man (Harper) between us and the Bush Dictates. I know that retailers have stock from several months ago. I know that the pricing is meant change more gradually. But several months ago, there was a 10% gap between the U.S. and Canadian prices-- now its revsersed and there is no excuse for a correction. For me, I'm not going to wait: we're off to the States soon for a shopping run. I plan on hitting a few books stores and I am happy that my money is going into a Yankee profit margin rather than contribute to Chapters-- a company that has preyed on other booksellers and destabilized publishing in Canada-- and thereby has harmed Canadian culture. What does Chapters has to say about their pricing? They have a stupid leaflet full of excuses. Sorry Chapters: I'm not buying.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Can't Get Enough Doctor Who?

Doctor Who is not dormant. Thirteen episodes of the "Infinite Quest" are available via Youtube. All Hail Youtube

Sunday, November 04, 2007

BSG Razor Flashbacks

BSG : Razor is coming to televisions worldwide. If you can wait, whet your appetite with these Razor Flashbacks

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