You're Miles Behind with Miles Plumbing

We asked Miles Plumbing to replace our hot water tank. They quoted $599-- so we're paying a $300 premium to have a professional do it. Sure.
They gave us a 1-3PM window to show up. At 4PM we called as asked where they were. They said they would send their emergency guy but they wouldn't charge us extra. They suggested that we call back after 5PM. Good idea: they close at 5PM. Thanks for the advice.

The next day, one of their plumbers showed up. Out goes the tank. In comes the new tank. So far, it's still working.

We got the bill. Because there were stairs, they tacked on the labour on top of the quoted price. Because of stairs. Stairs in the parking lot. In other words: the price they quote will only hold if your hot water tank is sitting in the parking lot beside where their truck would park. If you have steps to your front door: you're going to pay. If you have steps down to your hot water tank, you're going to pay.

Here are the highlights of our bill: what they billed us for and what we the real cost is:

Hot Water Tank ..... $299 (real price) ..... $599.00 (Miles price)
Copper couplings .... $0.30 (real price) ......... $5.18 (Miles price)
Shop Fee .................. Shop Fee? Why is it I'm paying $300 to have this installed; $108 for the labour; and $5.00?-- how many times do I pay for the same moment of work?

When you're phoning around for quotes, remember: there's the price that Miles will quote you and the price that Miles will charge you. The quote we got from other plumbers was within $20 of the price we were charged by Miles Plumbing


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