Ha-Ha: Apple Sues North Studio

North Studio has been stealing copyrighted content for years. A few years ago, the word got out about their various scams (eg. charging students to develop commercial websites for clients) and they tried to clean up their rep. Rep? Did you know that window washing was part of their course work? Not "Window" as in "Microsoft Windows"-- windows, as in the clear panes of glass. Former victims, students, report doing all sorts of menial tasks in addition to learning about technology (read: Drupal). So they launched the Victoria School of Business and Technology to scrub their name-- of course they didn't scrub it too much, their old habits die hard. According to this piece from the Times Colonist, VSBT used a logo too close to Apple's for Apple's liking. If NorthStudio loses this legal case (likely-- the head of the company is a failed lawyer), expect to see NSIT (Northern Saanich Institute of Technology) launch at the same location and equipment with a great logo: a stylized four panel window applied to a flag.


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