Gotta Love Paranoia

The Canadian military are flying jets over Victoria and Vancouver in preparation for the 2010 Olympics. At the same time, North Korea is planning to launch a missile in the direction of Hawaii. It has been estimated that North Korea's missile range is short of most of the US. The targets a missile could hit: Japan, Hawaii, South Korea (duh), Alaska and maybe into Puget Sound. I have always had the theory that if North Korea struck a target close to the US, it would create a conundrum: would America go all out vs. a nuclear armed opponent in retaliation for an attack on an American ally. Given that military exercises were underway at the same time as recent events like 9/11 and 7/7, I gotta wonder. At the very least, I have to wonder why pilots prepping for the 2010 Olympics in Raincouver by doing exercises in the balmy, late Spring skies when the weather back in February would have been a closer analogue to the rain, wind and clouds that they will see when they defend Vancouver from terrorists and rogue nations.


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