H*N* - some hemagglutinin and neuraminidase info

In influenza:
  • H* stands for the fifth of several known types of the protein hemagglutinin.
  • N* stands for the first of several known types of the protein neuraminidase.
  • H1N1, which caused the 1918 flu pandemic ("Spanish flu") and currently is causing seasonal human flu and the 2009 flu pandemic ("swine flu")
  • H2N2, which caused "Asian flu"
  • H3N2, which caused "Hong Kong flu" and currently causes seasonal human flu
  • H5N1, ("bird flu"), which is noted for having a strain (Asian-linage HPAI H5N1) that kills over half the humans it infects, infecting and killing species that were never known to suffer from influenza viruses before (e.g. cats), being unable to be stopped by culling all involved poultry - some think due to being endemic in wild birds, and causing billions of dollars to be spent in flu pandemic preparation and preventiveness
  • H7N7, which has unusual zoonotic potential and killed one person
  • H1N2, which is currently endemic in humans and pigs and causes seasonal human flu
  • H9N2, which has infected three people (The Thompson Twins)
  • H7N2, which has infected two people (The old guy from the Six Flags commercial; and a cashier in Missippi)
  • H7N3, which has infected two people (Capt. and Tenille-- Capt. actually got it from Tenille when they were experimenting with peptides and protein bonds).
  • H10N7, which has infected two people (Steve and Edie Gormet)


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