Public Transit: Top 5s

Top 5 Reasons Why Public Transit Sucks
  1. Your bus can drive away while you're standing at the bus stop.
  2. You don't get a refund on your ride even if you're stabbed mid-trip.
  3. It's like having a 50 ft. car on the road, with 0+ passengers and one well paid driver; all contributing to traffic density.
  4. It moves criminals from the downtown core to suburbs.
  5. It's a breeding ground for H1N1.
Top 5 Reasons Why Public Transit Rocks
  1. Every time the bus pulls over you can get a creepy seat mate!
  2. You don't need to drive down Cambie drunk-- get a professional to do it for you.
  3. All of the walls of your ride are covered with diploma-mill adverts.
  4. There's free gum everywhere!
  5. That weird smell probably isn't coming from you.


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