Weekend At Bernie's : European Vacation

A friend of mine knows the writer for the first Weekend at Bernie's. While that movie is a non-event for me, it's the life's passion for the writer-- it's his dead white whale. He needs to start writing again, because the European edition is out:

Two women have been arrested at an airport in Liverpool for attempting to smuggle a dead 91-year-old man onto a plane. They tried to get the corpse onto a flight bound for Germany, by dressing him in sunglasses and sending him through check-in on a wheelchair.

Staff became suspicious and prevented the trio from boarding the plane. (Cracker jack security staff who eventually picked up that the person was dead).

According to Reuters, the women were arrested on suspicion of failing to give notification of a death and were released on bail.

The man traveled about 35 miles to the airport by taxi from Oldham, Greater Manchester, police added. No word as to whether the dead was driving.



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