Sewage Treatment - Barren Oceans

Victoria's mayor, Dean Fortin, is continuing to spearhead a massively expensive sewage treatment system. The plan is to treat the sewage generated by the 250,000+ people from the region. All of the sewage that was formerly pumped out from several outlets will be routed to one facility in Esquimalt. Then, the bio-matter will be removed from the sewage before the water finds its way into the waters surrounding Greater Victoria.
One of the reasons cited is the harmful chemicals and wastes could collect in the food chain and make its way back to our dinner table. While there are harmful chemicals and agents being released into the waters, there is lots and lots of biological material. It's a digusting truth that what we flush ends up as a vital food source for plants and very small creatures who in turn are eaten by larger creatures and on-up through the food chain. The ocean isn't a grocery store. What we stop supplying will have a direct impact on the ecosystem off-shore. Breaking the food chain could cause a collapse with wide reaching side effects to fisheries and biodiversity in local waters.
There has been no comment on this impact from Victoria City Hall or the other levels of government who are funding this project. It has been previously established that this project is meant to address the optics of sewage being pumped into the ocean and the concern that this practice could negatively affect tourism. The bugbear of heavy metals build-up in the local sea life has been used as the excuse, but Victoria and the CRD is largely a non-industrial center. Its industrial activities are heavily regulated and do not push their wasted into the water supply.


Ted Godwin said…
The real crime is that system being proposed will have no effect whatsoever on the harmful chemicals. That would require tertiary treatment which is not part of the government-mandated boondoggle.

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