Still want to promote your Etsy Site?

If you still want to sell on Etsy, you need to promote your wares. Here are 52 resources you may find handy. - Make your items some of your own 43 favorite things. - Get a blog and crow about your cool stuff. - Make some funky design and have them print it on stuff. - A great example of an arts nexus. - Less cool than it used to be. - Add it to the directory. - Add it to this other directory. - Make your own page in Facebook. - Photograph your stuff as you go. - Show 'em how it's done. - Network your way to sales - Bad can be good for sales - Make a lens shine it on your crafts - Microblog every micro-achievement - Do videos of you doing your stuff. Or, just take a 360° video of your thingee.


Cathie said…
Thanks for the awesome list! I'm working on a website for a jewellery designer who will be selling on Etsy & this will really help her out!

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