Gordon Campbell was Blackmailed

Harken back to when privateer Gordon Campbell solidified his commandeering of the Liberal party. When Campbell talks about vicious personal attacks on those near and dear to politicians, he knows first hand how it's done. He used Gordon Wilson's affair with Judy Tyabji to ouster the centrist Liberal leader and tarnish Tyabji. Campbell knows how much damage personal attacks can bring because he has waged decades of attacks on people in the province: politicians, business people who have stood in his way, and individuals who made the mistake of being too poor or in just in the way of the Liberal NeoCon agenda.
Campbell is a selfish micro-manager who does what he wants when he wants. Any decent politician would have resigned after being caught drunk driving. When he drove up to announce that the Coquilhalla toll booths were being shut down, the Ministry of Transportation and Highways had no idea this was coming-- even the toll booth workers in the background of his announcement didn't know he was announcing an end to their jobs. This approach continued into last week. Obama does a weekly address via Youtube, but Gordo needed to spend a quarter million dollars of our money to tell us that he was going to autocratically take 15% off of the first $72,000. Whoop-de-doo. The BC tax is part of your overall tax bill, so Gordo was promising something like a 5% reduction on income tax. Also, he was changing the budget and taxation without legislation-- Campbell has forgotten that he's the leader of a government.
Two weeks ago, Campbell's course solidified. Before Gary Collins could testify, Basi-Virk were given a sweet deal so that they could close down the trial. No doubt there is enough evidence to refute any of Collins' claims of innocence about corruption. So, if Collins couldn't lie, he'd have to pass the buck to the Liberal micro-manager, Gordon Campbell. This is why the trial was stopped in its tracks-- if Collins' testimony is never heard then the trail of guilt can be interrupted.
If you've seen the Sopranos, you know that when someone chops up a body, they either get help or their buddies know that Loose-Lips-Larry is now part of the sausage. Christy Clark, who has long sought to get her seat in the Premier's office, left the legislature following strong connections between Bruce Clark and the BC Rail trials. Campbell, Collins and Clark are not the only three people who know what's in the sausage: others in the Liberal caucus and cabinet know what was going on-- they likely gabbed about it like they do all of their misdeeds.
Campbell has turned from a lightning rod to a boat anchor with his sinking approval rating. The rest of the Liberals want to stay in office. Campbell wanted to control his cabinet, but he can't afford to ouster all of the Liberals who know his involvement in the BC Rail trial. If he tossed them, they could spill the beans. If he tossed enough of them, he may even threaten the Liberal majority. So he had to shuffle them. That didn't do enough to fix the problem. If Liberals didn't act soon, Campbell would eventually sideline those in the know. So, members of the cabinet had the ammunition to toss Campbell: if he stays in office, they'll play connect the dots. This is why sturdy micro-manager Campbell made a choked resignation speech-- he had to leave of his own accord, or the next raid in the legislature would happen in his office.


Kinda like Harper, isn't he?

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