A Visit To Victoria aka How City Hall is Ruining Its City

I pop into town to buy some soup for the wife who is home sick.
At 12:23PM, I bought a ticket so that I could park for 18 minutes
At 12:25PM, one of the parking Nazis gives me a ticket for $40! For what? For parking too long. C148, don't go sobbing that I mock the quality of your work. You are bad at your job. Your incompetence is making downtown Victoria a place to avoid.2 Minutes Costs $40
I could not find what I was looking for, so I went to Cook St. Village in search of soup. I parked in a 1 hr. parking spot. One of Dean Fortin's lackies, a City of Victoria worker, parks behind me, on a yellow line partially obscuring a crosswalk with one wheel on the pavement. (1, 2, 3)If you don't like how I drive...

Feel free to use this complaint as a boilerplate when the parking Nazis hit your car too:

From: me
Email : my email
Reference : http://www.victoria.ca/cityhall/departments_engprk.shtml
Daytime Phone : Not provided
I was issued a ticket today, (ticket# PA417039)

When two minutes prior I had paid for 18 minutes of parking, (receipt# 00252296)

Please cancel the violation ticket as I validly parked. If this ticket is not
canceled and confirmation of same action is not sent to me via email, I will provide
the violation ticket and my receipt for parking in said spot to support
my position in any upcoming litigation.

I have to take this opportunity to remind your offices that the practice of its
parking attendants/staff to ticket so aggressively makes downtown Victoria an
undesirable destination.

Thank you,


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