Canucks Riot: A pictorial journey

Scott Jones & Alexandra Thomas - Kissing Couple in Vancouver Riot identified

Hey-- can't Tasmanian siblings have sex in peace?


My fly dance moves make up for my small mis-shaped penis!


Watch as the North American Dumb-Ass, clad in shorts considers attacking the man with the gun...


Face it: some people cannot handle a world with Peter Mansbridge

Percy starts to cover the riot

Tonight on CNN: dumb reporter get attacked by the Hulk.


OMG! My BF is swinging from a lamp post like a chimp! 
That's why I totally love him! 

attempting to keep the first fire going

How many dumb-asses does it take the get a fire going, anyways?

Come to Vancouver: Enjoy our downtown open-air BBQ


We'll hide behind this fence!

Question: How old are you, mentally?

Check it! I'm FOOURR!!

Dude! I totally got a picture of that thing I burned, yo!

Stanley Cup Finals – June 15, 2011 – Vancouver Riots

I didn't have the heart to tell him that it didn't read "Hooligan"

2011 Vancouver Riot

Man-- this wait for the port-a-potty is taking FOREVER!

Premier Clark joins the Vancouverites

The irony: Christy Clark is going to need dumb people to get re-elected.
Unfortunately, they riot but they don't vote.


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