Cthulhu: The Ultimate Lawn Ornament

What's big green and available for your lawn? My Cthulhu Sculpture! happy_cthuloween I am trying to sell my sculpture of Cthulhu. It's a man-sized fiberglass sculpture of one of Lovecraft's Elder Gods. It sits on a wooden base and is ideal for a spooky or horror theme garden. This creature is a sure fire piece of traffic calming as people slow down to check it out.
There are many ingredients in this sculpture. It's foundational architecture was a barbeque stand (reduce, re-use, recycle). The limbs were built with metal and wood. On top, layers of foam and mesh were used to build the shape. Plaster and auto-body filler built up the final. On top of that, many layers of resin and fiberglass were used to give it its hard exterior. I painted and completed the surface.
It comes with a water feature: tapped into a hose, water pours from the boat that Cthulhu has lifted into the air.
Approximate weight is 160 lbs. It is very much made to withstand the elements. The price is $850 and you also have to pay for shipping or pick it up from the Victoria BC area. Heck, if you want, you can just buy this and drop it to the ocean floor for your own perverse amusement. I won't judge. Maybe you want to start your own underwater Ry'leh theme park. This is how you start!

Maybe you don't have enough room for a man-sized sculpture of Cthulhu. That's why I am also selling smaller, jar sized Cthulhu embyros.
If you want to inquire either size Contact me.
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