Groundhog Day!

In honor of Groundhog Day: here is the bit from the movie of the same name (I did this from memory as the bit appears 10x in the film and I've seen the film 30 times-- you do the math. Next week, I'll post the whole audio track of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, also from memory).

(Music: "I got You Babe" fades)
: OK Campers. Rise and Shine and don't forget your Booties 'Cause It's Cold Out
HR : Cold Out? What is this? Miami?
: Not Hardly. And you know you can expect hazardous travel later in the day from that blizzard.
: Blizzard thing. Blizzard thing. Oh, here's the report from the national weather is calling for a big blizzard thing.
BDM : It'll be especially cold. There's another reason why today is especial --
HR : Especially Cold?
: Especially cold, right. The big question on everyone's lips-- HR : Chapped lips
BDM : Chapped lips. Do you Phil think is gonna come out see his shadow? HR : Puxatawny Phil.
BDM : That's right woodchuck chuckers!
Both: It's Groundhog Day!


Tim said…
Groundhog Day rocks. But there is the Mutara Nebula at 153 mark 4.

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