Act Now! Life Is Standing By!

The Sony PS3 is coming out soon with a price tag of $600+. The XBox360 came out with a similar price tag. People are spending lots of money to be distracted. Is life so horrible that we're checking out? Is life so horrible because we're checking out?
When we go on long road trips, we will bury the back seat with toys and distractions for our kid. She needs distractions because she hasn't filled out the maturity it takes to appreciate living life-- the new scenery is boring. The time with her family is lame and she can get "bored."
We all want to get somewhere, but forget that the real final destination is death. Along the way we kill time.
The movie, The Matrix, is about throngs of humanity enslaved to the machine: plugged into a network day after day. The Matrix is the wool pulled over your eyes. MySpace, Youtube, LiveJournal, Blogger: they are there to sedate you. Myriad ways to ask if you dare to eat a peach. They keep us busy: they keep us in between "Drive" and "Reverse." Who are "they?" There are are two versions of "they:" one is the familiar unconscious collective of society. You don't get crowded by yourself or by one person: it's the push of the crowd. The other "they" are the scammers organized into a malicious but unconscious collective. They fine tune the products they deliver to hook you, to sucker and to keep you buying more. Cigarette companies fine tune nicotine ratios. TV news repeat stories with sad regularity to keep you worried and angry on a careful schedule. The product makers for everything from a car to a stick of gum test market their message to make sure it delivers with successful impact. They want you to stay busy earning to buy new toys. They want you hooked on the newest TV reality show. They want you to be 10% more efficient every year. They want you to follow the 10 ft. rule at the store you work at. They are a push of the crowd that happens when you're all alone. They should be ignored.
This week I saw an ad for the "MySpace Mobile"-- a cellphone/PDA/way to access MySpace. I scoffed at this intrusion.
I would like to rescind my mockery of MySpace Mobile. After some consideration, I have realized that MySpace Mobile is the ideal of intersection: web surfing with nothing better to do. Internet terminals should be relegated to waiting rooms, airport lobbies, traffic jams and the DMV: all the places that steal time from you-- a rebate on the time you'll never ever get back.
I spent much of my weekend working on art projects. At the end of a day of programming I feel something in between exhausted and frustrated. At the end of painting and sculpting, I felt like I was at peace. Computers were invented to serve as tools. Apart from work, I plan on finding limited uses for this machine because this device is not my destination: it's my detour.
I will likely be blogging much less. My life is waiting for me.


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