Celebrity Reach-around, Victoria Style

Does anyone know what is being shot at the Broad/Yates Serious Coffee this morning (Wed Oct 18th)?

When the 1990s opus, Free Money was shot in Victoria it jammed up the Johnson St. Bridge during rush hour for days. I heard then that Victoria had given the movie crew free use of the bridge because of all of the business it would bring. Really, I think the City has stars in their eyes. I was at the council meeting where CHUM made its application to put a TV Channel across the street from City Hall. Moses Znaimer attended to plead his case. The council bobbed and giggled like school girls. I have a concern that Victoria is hands over the keys to the city to anyone with an LA post office box and a gaggle of grips and dollies. As a taxpayer. I more concerned that the city streets are being jammed up for free.

I remember an unhappy anecdote from the manager of Eugenes on Broad Street. During the shooting of Little Women in 1990, he used to park his car in spot he rented by the month up on View St. This was also going to be location for some of the exterior shoots for Little Women. One morning he parked his car and went to work. He discovered later that they needed the lot clear of cars. They broke his car window to overcome his security device and towed the car.

So, I have thrown an email to Mike McCliggott from Finance in the City of Victoria. I have asked him these questions:

- Is the production company behind this shoot paying for these blocked off parking stalls? Or, are they in effect getting 30 spaces of free parking in the downtown core?
- How much is a filming permit to carry out a shoot like the above?
- Which company obtained this permit?
- There are police on site and road maintenance crew. Who is picking up the tab for them?

I do not know if I will get the answer. I suspect that while the City is grinding its citizens for tax dollars and parking fees, they have given this production company a free ride because they have stars in their eyes.


Cheryl said…
I'm guessing it might be "Road To Redemption" (starring Dean Cain) or more likely "Fat Like Me" where a girl wears a fat suit to see what it's like to be overweight. Gah, didn't Tyra Banks just do that for free on TV???

Mike DeWolfe said…
"Fat Like Me" : I'm doing it right now!

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