Hanging it Out There

The US Presidential race is two years away. That's lots of time for a change in the politicial landscape. So, let me hang out my political guess, so that someone can come back and laugh at me and how wrong I was.

Presidential - Howard Dean
Vice-Presidential - Barak Obama

Presidential - Rudy Gulliani
Vice-Presidential - John McCain

Gulliani will win by trucking out the 9/11 corpses. Dean will win if Congress and the Senate and go into overdrive to show off all of the skeletons in the Republican closets (e.g. Uncle Bandar and Saudi's ties to the bin Ladens). My odds are on a Gulliani/McCain bid.
When the Republicans engineered the Iranian hostage crisis in the late 1970s, they got away with it because the body count was low. When the Republicans pushed the spotlight off of Saudi Arabia, the resulting body count was huge (3,000 dead Americans civilians; and more than half a million dead Iraqis and Afghan citizens).


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