We're Back Through The Looking Glass, People

A few months ago, I was convinced I was stuck in an alternative universe. The events of the last 24 hours have thinking that the switch was thrown and we're back in our intended universe. I had all of this evidence that we were in a dystopia. Let's review my waypoints and how they've changed:
  • Donald Rumsfeld (Rumsfield? Nahapa-- not gonna work here anymore): The Secretary of Defense is out on his ass.
  • The Democrats control the House of Congress: A woman, Nancy Pelosi, is going to the be Speaker.
  • The Democrats control the Senate: 51/49-- while it would havee been funny to see Cheney have to lumber is spotty ass down to the Senate all of the time to fill out his role as President of the Senate, it looks like he can stay home and shoot relatives.
  • Britney Spears dumped KFed via a SMS Text message. The best part: MuchMusic was covering the Rap supastar and got footage of the precise moment when he read the e-dump. Great!
  • I turned on the noon news. The Victoria Police are stopping bicyclists and pedestrians. They are giving them tickets for breaking the law. This is the hardest thing for me to adjust to: the Victoria Police are doing their job and fining people who break the law.
We are back through the looking glass, people. White is white. Black is black. Could '07 bring a Bush impeachment? Wait and see.


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