Robin Hood Fund

I heard about this cool company called "Cambrian House." It's a start-up that creates start-ups. They use "crowd sourcing" to take ideas from concept to launch. One of their early products is the "Robin Hood Fund." It's like a 50-50 draw, with a splash of democracy. You sign-in with your idea and chip in to register. The others see your concept and vote for it or for someone else's concept. It's a cool idea.
I got in on an early drawe and votes for the one thing I wanted that I couldn't get myself: a better Christmas for my Mom, niece and nephew. Their finances suck. I try to help, but with whatever I do, there is always room for more. So, I asked for "A Good Christmas" for the Mom. I let it be known to my friends that they could vote for my Mom's cause. They did and we won. So, I distributed $200 amongst them.
Today, I put together a video of the hand-off of the cash. Enjoy!

Did I mention that I was a fan of Robin Hood Fund and Cambrian House? They're cool.


Anonymous said…
Oh I LOVE this video!! Congratulations on winning - the best part about working for Robinhood Fund is seeing how the funds affect people's lives.

Would it be alright with you if we added this video to our "Wishes Granted" page? You can email me using nox *AT* cambrianhouse [DOT] com

I hope you and your family are having a wonderful new year!

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