What's in store for 2007?

In the Chinese Zodiac, most of 2007 will be under the Year of the Pig. For me, 2007 will be under the Year of the Finish Line. I end up picking up a swell one month idea every two weeks; imagine where that ends up in a couple of years. So this is my 2007 to-do" list:

Wrap up a Drupal development for Game-Boyz - Take a legacy system built many years back and drag in into the 21st Century: RSS, tagging, sophisticated CMS, flexible theming. It launched over the Christmas break. yay.

Wrap up a Drupal development for The CI - Take a legacy system built many years back and drag in into the 21st Century: RSS, tagging, sophisticated CMS, flexible theming. The reason I did the Game-Boyz design to was as a testbed for the CI work. The CI is maybe 10 times more complex-- hence why my day-job project isn't done, but my side-project is done.

The Halloween Alphabet Book - I have 23 of the 26 letters done in Sculpey. After that, I have to do a pass over them with a dremel, gloss and paint to fix little flaws. I have to do up the background effects. Then built sets, set the scenes and with the help of my talented wife, shoot 26 keeper images plus a cover, do some post-production CGI and take it to a publisher. If they act like jerks, then I will published it via Lulu.

Cthulhu Ornaments - These sculpey ornaments made a big splash last Christmas. So, as possible, I will make new ornaments. I learned from a friend that because of the age of the Cthulhu property, Lovecraft's work is now in the public domain. So, I am going to pay homage to this century's first cat-loving, bigotted, sickly, shut-in geek who was unappreciated in life: Howard Phillips Lovecraft. Maybe Alan Quartermane deeps to hitch a ride to Ry'leh from Captain Nemo. Damn.. now another idea....

Drupal 101: 101 Tips for Developing Drupal Sites - I have about 5-10% of a book done for how to make a Drupal driven site. I have seen two books on Drupal: one devoted a third of the book to the subject. The other one, from Packt, devotes the whole book, but I have to wonder why. The book I am pitching with be about 1/3 background/foundation information; 1/3 themes and 1/3 module development. After sufering the ass-clowns in tech publishing, this book has only one destination: Lulu.

Making Money Online 101: Tips for Making Money Online - This isn't a "get rich quick" book-- it's a "get some money from your surfing" book. We use the web to get rid of stuff we don't want to haul to the dump; we get deals off of the web; we get pin money out of things like Google Adsense and PayPerPost; we get swag for doing product reviews.

Scavenger of the Battle - The first sci-fi book I did sucks. So, I've taken the concept and started over. The plot points will remain intact: a war that doesn't exist; a conspiracy to hide the truth; some of the characters. More than that, the titular character is getting its own role. Three guesses where I intend on publishing this one when it's ready.

I have other ideas, but I would prefer to get the above items off of my to-do list first. Then we can see what else is possible in the Year of the Finish Line.


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